Going Local in Gran Canaria

How to Turn a Holiday Destination into a Home

Going Local in Gran Canaria

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Thanks for stopping by. I’m a journalist/writer, formerly deputy editor of the Official Chelsea Magazine, who covers the Canary Islands and beyond for the likes of The Independent and Spain-Holiday.com. After co-authoring JPM Guides This Way Gran Canaria, I penned Going Local in Gran Canaria: How to Turn a Holiday Destination into a Home as a retort to those who lazily consider the island as the preserve of the bucket-and-spade brigade.

Praise indeed

Louise Parkin, editor of Living Spain magazine reckons “Matthew Hirtes probably knows more about Gran Canaria than many who were born there.” Her critique concludes with “Going Local in Gran Canaria: How to Turn a Holiday Destination into a Home is an engaging and authoritative guide for visitors and new residents alike.” Victoria Twead, author of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools, Two Old Fools – Ole!, and Mouth-Watering Spanish Recipes is just as complimentary. She salutes “an extraordinarily honest, detailed, colourfully-written guide that both informs and entertains. Highly recommended.”

Readers digest

The punters have been lapping it up on Amazon.co.uk too. One Robin Jones declares: “The style is engaging, avuncular and gonzo; bearing the unmistakeable stamp of the author’s (a fine journalist) personal experience.” Elsewhere, Charlotte Hanson advises readers: “Do not expect your average guide to negotiating the nightclubs and English breakfast joints. This is completely different. Buying this book would be a sensible investment for those planning a holiday on the island, but an essential “bible” purchase for those intending a new life there.”

Stars and stripes

Across the pond, on Amazon.com, Julie Hume purrs: “What a pleasure it is to arrive in a new place armed with the sort of local knowledge that it would otherwise take years to gather.” Going Local in Gran Canaria has also been receiving some love on Amazon.es. Gaile Griffin Peers salutes a book that has substance to match its style: “Matthew Hirtes adopts a very light casual style – but don’t be fooled, there are hours of well-researched information in this book.”

Jeepers peepers

As well as taking a look inside on Amazon, you can sneak a peek on Book Preview. Here, you’ll also find a glossary, FAQ, and related resources. So, well worth checking out.


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