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Beauty and the Beast

As a gang of local kids gawk at the sole two figures on Las CanterasPlaya Chica (Small Beach), they could be forgiven for thinking they’d stumbled across an al-fresco production of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty, as played by InShape Factory‘s Linda Bergstrand. And Beast? That would be freshly-bearded Mr Gran Canaria Local.

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Life’s a beach

Before the 40-minute workout, Mr Gran Canaria Local thought himself a reasonably fit guy. He’d hiked across the Canary Islands and ran in road races in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, after all. Then came the short, sharp shocks making up InShape Factory’s training routine and he knew he was more out of than in shape. “What were you expecting?”, Linda asked, “A walk on the beach?” No, he thought, something more like a run.

T is for Tabata

Bergstrand is a follower of Prof T aka Japanese fitness guru Izumi Tabata. His high-intensity training alternates a period of short, intense anaerobic exercise with a less-intense recovery period. Our Linda interprets that as 20 seconds of pain, anything from jumping up high and then falling into a press-up, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

InShape Factory Boot Camp

As well as offering one-on-one coaching, which Mr Gran Canaria Local concedes really works as he couldn’t goad himself into something so punishing, InShape Factory offer group training. From the 3rd of March, there will be morning and afternoon groups three times a week. The price for nine hours of fat burning is 45€ for GCL readers (50€ for non-GCL readers) .

InShape Factory are offering Gran Canaria Local readers a discount on the one-to-one programme. Ordinarily three months of three hours a week, nutritional plan included, costs 500€. Call Linda on 625 429 111 or email her on, mention Gran Canaria Local, and the price to you’s 450€. Offer valid up to the 5th March.

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