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5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours

September 24, 2016
CrossBones Tattoo Estudio are one of the leading Gran Canaria tattoo parlours.

Looking for a souvenir from your Gran Canaria holiday that’s built to last? Want to mark your relocation to the island with a permanent reminder? We reveal five of our favourite Gran Canaria tattoo parlours.

We’re big fans of responsible tourism at Gran Canaria Local. So we advocate thinking long and hard about investing in a tattoo rather than getting one spur of the moment whilst boozing and waking up with more than a hangover. Remember, kids, a tattoo’s for life not just for Christmas (so to speak).

  1. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: Crazy Needles Tattoo
  2. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: Tears of Fenix
  3. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: Tattoo Santa Catalina
  4. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: The Korner
  5. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: CrossBones Tattoo Estudio

1. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: Crazy Needles Tattoo

Crazy Needles, crazy guys. This is where Mr Gran Canaria Local had his tattoo done after he finally found his cojones after continually losing them as he walked past this tattoo parlour’s old Calle Pérez Galdós address. They’ve since relocated to an even more impressive Triana location in Calle Peregrina which Mr GCL has visited to have his pintadera refilled.

2. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: Tears of Fenix

It was a chance encounter with Tears of Fenix‘s Marek during our unforgettable day up, up, and away with Sky Rebels that led to Mr Gran Canaria Local realizing he needed his tattoo refilling. After being introduced to this professional tattoo artist, Mr GCl rolled up his T-shirt to reveal his tat; only to be told that it required freshening up. This Maspalomas tattoo parlour also offer scalp micropigmentation if you want to cover up any shortcomings on the hair front.

3. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: Tattoo Santa Catalina

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s first tattoo parlour, Tattoo Santa Catalina, opened in the city’s Parque Santa Catalina back in the 1990s. They offer the classic combo of piercings and tats. Plus laser tattoo removal for that morning-after-the-night-before moment.

4. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: The Korner

Telde’s The Korner is a barber shop whose something for the weekend (and beyond) includes a wide-ranging selection of tattoo designs. Their particular areas of speciality however are Native American and Japanese tattoos. But with the choice to personalize such works of art.

5. 5 fantastic Gran Canaria tattoo parlours: CrossBones Tatto Estudio

Located on the second floor of Centro Comercial Puerto Rico, CrossBones Tattoo Estudio open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 4:00pm and 10:00pm. You can view their clean yet intricate designs on their Instagram page. The elephant is our current fave, what’s yours?