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A perfect night out in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

October 10, 2015
Ending a perfect night out in Las Palmas at Urban

What do you like most about discovering a new city? Touring its churches and historical monuments? On a visit to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, save the sightseeing for the day and hit the bars, clubs, and restaurants by night.

Our archive’s full of some of our favourite venues in the Gran Canaria capital. So, we had the genius idea of revisiting them to show you how to enjoy a perfect night out in Las Palmas. In the company of one of the many friends we’ve acquired since Gran Canaria Local went live.

Julian first contacted Mr Gran Canaria Local about playing football over here following his relocation to San José. After Mr GCL invited him to watch a game of Bubble Football, they’ve become the best of friends. So they decided to have a boys’ night out in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is what they planned:

  1. Starters at La Macarena
  2. Mains at Ají, Limón y Canela
  3. Desserts at La Bikina
  4. Cocktails at Hito Restaurante
  5. Pool at Pool Fiction
  6. Clubbing at The Paper Club

1. Starters at La Macarena

We started our night out in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with some La Macarena starters. Agreeing to meet at 8:00pm, Julian proved he’s already gone native on the island by pitching up even later than Mr Gran Canaria Local. Hey, it’s the Canarian way.

Ordering some papas arrugadas, the Canary Islands’ signature dish, with almogrote mojo, we washed this down with a couple of cañas. The potatoes and salsa were pretty moreish but Mr GCL reckoned they compared unfavourably to La Gomera’s original almogrote which he feasted on during a press trip to the island. The smoked cheese with tomato jam though was closer to the authentic El Hierro version. Adding a couple more cañas, we were a little alarmed to see we’d already reached a quarter of our €100 budget.

2. Mains at Ají, Limón y Canela

To visit as many venues as possible on our night out in Las Palmas, we decided to split our meal across eateries. So we headed away from La Puntilla along the Las Canteras promenade to one of’s Top 10 Restaurants in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The walk to Ají, Limón y Canela took less than five minutes.

Here Julian opted for a fish dish whilst Mr Gran Canaria Local stuck to his vegetarian diet with a tallarines con huancaina. Both mains were creamier rather than spicier. It seemed to us that Peruvian cuisine has more in common with French food than Mexican, say. Accompanying our main courses with a couple of glasses of wine, we went over half of our budget.

3. Desserts at La Bikina

Having spent €56,00, we decided to change our plans. Yes, we’d still be continuing along the Paseo de las Canteras to La Bikina, but we’d be giving their desserts a miss.

In truth, we were stuffed. And it was good to work off the stodge with a brisk just-under-10-minute stroll to the chilled-out cantina of La Bikina. Where we refreshed ourselves with dos cañas, slowing down our spending in the process. Adding a mere couple of Euros to our outlay.

4. Cocktails at Hito Restaurante

Just around the corner, heading ever so slightly back on ourself, was our next destination. At Hito Restaurante, we made another alteration to our scheduled itinerary. As they regretfully no longer serve cocktails.

The bottles of Kirin went done well enough nonetheless. And it was lovely to catch up with owners Olga Švandová and Oliver Schultz. Who this time were dressed in traditional Japanese garb rather than the whites of our last visit.

5. Pool at Pool Fiction

Our night out in Las Palmas was light on our shoe leather as we were in our next stop, Secretario Artiles’ Pool Fiction in another sub-10-minute trek. In an almost two-for-one offer, cañas were priced at 2€ for a pair or €1,80 each. Pool games cost a Euro. Adding €7 to our expenditure as Mr GCL beat Julian 2-1 in a best of three.

6. Clubbing at The Paper Club

The idea was to switch to the other side of town to finish our night out in Las Palmas. Except it was a Wednesday evening and Mr Gran Canaria Local hadn’t done his research properly. How journalistic standards have slipped.

Realizing The Paper Club was closed until Thursday, we made our way to Erasmus fave Urban which the last time Mr GCL visited was a different club altogether. But not before sampling from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s biggest selection of craft beers at The Situation next door and enjoying a cubata at the Limbo Bar upstairs. Well, a night out in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s thirsty work, after all.

Mr Gran Canaria Local went diving in Sardina del Norte thanks to Typical Non Spanish
Gran Canaria Local, part of Caser’s Typical Non Spanish programme

Disclaimer: Our perfect night out in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria cost €100. As members of the Typical Non Spanish programme, it wasn’t our wallet we were dipping into. Let us know how your night out in Las Palmas goes.