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Cala D’Or

December 22, 2013
Puerto Rico palms

The bridge

We’re not one to stereotype, but we can’t help agreeing with one particular cliché. That the Spanish work to live whereas northern Europeans live to work. Which explains the concept of el puente, the bridge, and why we happen to be staying at the Cala D’Or apartments in term time.

Two become three

So, in Spain, when there are two bank holidays which are separated by a working day, schools and, indeed, some businesses treat the middle day as a day of rest too. It’s a practice the so-relaxed-they’re-horizontal Canarians have embraced with gusto. And when we go local, oh we really go local, my friend. Yes, we join in. Wouldn’t you?

Youth and young manhood

Imagine Mr Gran Canaria Local’s surprise, when upon booking this surprise stay, he was told his 13-year-old was no longer a child. Yes, he counted as an adult. So our family of five was split across two Cala D’Or apartments with two of the adults (Mr and Mrs) staying in one and the three boys (OK, two boys and a teenage adult) in the other one. Although, the connecting door made it feel like a one-level duplex.

Getting the basics right at Cala D’Or

After checking in, we took in a late, light lunch at the Cala D’Or bar/cafe where the attentive staff prepared from a limited menu. The apartments were spotless and we were impressed with the fullish range of British TV channels. Something we’ve not always enjoyed in more exclusive accommodation on the island. It’s the simple things in life et cetera.

Disclaimer: The Gran Canaria Local family paid for their stay at the Cala D’Or apartments. It was part of Mrs Gran Canaria Local’s birthday weekend. Hey, living on a holiday island does have its perks, don’t you know?