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Canary Motorcycle Tours

March 22, 2014
Mr Gran Canaria Local goes pillion

The reluctant back-seat driver

Mr GCL had vowed to never ever again perch his derriere on a back seat. He’d held on for dear life on a bracing motorbike ride from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Firgas, and back. Then came the time he had to bite back chunder as his mother-in-law took the front seat as the family made their way to her finca along the notoriously bendy GC-200.

Mr GCL goes back on his word

So it is with some bewilderment that Mr Gran Canaria Local finds himself riding pillion on the notoriously bendy GC200. He’s on the back of a Canary Motorcycle Tours motorbike. Up front’s CMT’s Martin Flynn.

The flying Flynn

The coastline-huggling GC2’s one of our favourite roads on the island. And you appreciate it even more, whizzing along it by motorbike. Especially as you take in the ocean breeze, the non-cocktail variety.

Canary Motorcycle Tours’ Mountain Man

Except, to reach the GC-200, Martin wouldn’t normally head along the GC2. He prefers the mountainous route from his Piletillas base in the east of the island. And he loves the detour of the Valle de Agaete Mr Gran Canaria Local suggests, to point out where the coffee plantation is. Although, he’s upset it doesn’t go much further and he’s therefore unable to include it in the Canary Motorcycle Tours itinerary.

Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local enjoyed a sample of what a day’s riding would be like with Canary Motorcycle Tours. As well as daily rides, they offer week-long tours with free accommodation. And, if you want to see some of the other Canaries, how about their two-week Grand Four Island Tour? Taking in the terrains of Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Tenerife. There’s also a shorter island-hop break on GC and neighbouring Tenerife.