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March 20, 2014
Ciudad Jardin's Carolcocina

Carol’s kitchen

Meet Carolcocina‘s Carol and Miki. They’re a LP-based ma and girl with an open-house Ciudad Jardin des res. Groups of five+ book to dine at their fancy locale (653 858 070). To enjoy a chilled meal where they feel at home. Taking it easy out front with a snack before going in to eat. If time’s against them, they can order food to take away. Easy come, easy go.


Carol’s cuisine

Carol learned classic Canarian cuisine from her abuela. Cooking with Gran sealed her zeal for the croquette. Carolcocina offer 30+ types, including the veggie ones Mr Gran Canaria Local and family loved. Yes, their deep-fat fryer has sure seen some life.

Finger food

Mr GCL was invited by Carolcocina’s Carol and Mikela to sample their range. He tried queso azul, roquefort, y vino blanco (blue cheese, roquefort, and white wine), calabacin, naranja, y hinojo (courgette, orange, and fennel), and queso majorero con mermelada de pimiento (Fuerteventura cheese with pepper jam). The latter also pops up in non-croquette form on an diverse spring menu. For a two-woman team, it’s pretty broad.

Carolcocina’s world of flavour

As you’ve no doubt sussed after drooling at the combos above, Carol’s travelled widely. So there are Med and Asian twists to trad Canarian food. Our Tom loved the croquettes, despite their familiar forms covering some unfamiliar flavours. And he didn’t even ask for ketchup. Which is a first for him.

Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local went along for a croquette taste test following an invite from Carolcocina’s Carol and Miki. Would they reach the standard of El Puertillo’s berros y gofio ones he wondered. As it turned out, they were easily the match. And the quantity meant there were leftovers to feed the GCL family for lunch. Now our brood are keen to sample the other types.