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Casa Del Caminero

February 17, 2014
The entrance of Casa Del Caminero, Tejeda

Casa Del Caminero, way to go in Tejeda

Casa Del Caminero, the latest restaurant the Gran Canaria Local family have the privilege to taste test, used to belong to the chief pathmaker. Tejeda’s famously the centre of a network of caminos reales, royal pathways. These trails have become a firm favourite with the hiking fraternity, trekkers visiting from the likes of the UK and Germany; to explore Gran Canaria on foot.

Cheese and wine and fine art

The sign outside Casa Del Caminero reads “Arte, Queso y Vinos”. The cheese is local, the Canarians proud of their queso; to the extent Santa María de Guía has a fiesta in honour of their flower cheese. As is the wine, including Agala from the nearest vineyard. And the art on display is that of proprietor, Armando Gil. An untrained artist, he’s also a self-taught cook. One infinitely more Keith Floyd than Jamie Oliver.

Spoonfed in Tejeda

Casa Del Caminero prides itself on its platos de cuchara. We’re talking dishes to be had with a spoon, hearty stews and warming soups. Comfort food. Our last weekend in Tejeda, staying at the Casita Nublo, saw spring seemingly arrive along with the almond blossom. More recently, though, snow has settled to plunge Tejeda back into a bleak midwinter.

Getting soaked

Instead of seeking shelter in the cosy interior, we lunched outside on one of the terrace tables. We ordered food to share, including a robust salad, a punchy pasta, and a pork chop which was simply, yet sublimely, seasoned. All our desserts had a generous slug of another local product, rum, in them. How very Floydian.

Disclaimer: The GCL family were charged 50€ for a lunch which was more substantial than slight. We will return. Probably at night, to warm up with a dinner that keeps visitors free of evening chills.