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Casita Nublo

February 11, 2014
The garden o f Gran Canaria on your doorstep at Casita Nublo, Tejeda

Casita Nublo, a bed in the clouds

Taking its name from the famous rock it overlooks, Roque Nublo (Cloud Rock), Casita Nublo is the sister establishment to Casita Bentayga, the casa rural we recently raved about in a review more glowing than a Sellafield pigeon. Despite sharing a complex, Nublo boasts its very own private patio. Where you can own that view. Warning, you will not want to leave. We kept on putting back our departure time, to the extent we reached Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the dark.

Light and shade

Mr Gran Canaria Local’s the only member of the GCL family who hasn’t got any Canarian blood coursing through his veins. Native Canarians prefer the shade which explained the popularity of the electronic shades with the other family members. Whereas Mr GCL preferred to bask lizard-style in the sun trap of a patio.

When the sun goes down

As is the case with most traditional Canarian properties, it’s warmer outside than in. The bedroom at the Casita Nublo features an extra bed and plenty of covers. Along with a heater to cope with the temperature drop accompanying the sun going down.

Short and Long Stay

We enjoyed the shortest of stays at Casita Nublo. It was perfect for a change of air, to get a whiff of the countryside rather than breathing in the fumes of our city base. However, it’s also ideal for a longer break. Reading the guestbook, we discovered the previous house guests were a couple visiting from the Yorkshire Dales. They stayed for two weeks. And every day found somewhere different to hike to. Next time, we’re packing our walking boots.

Disclaimer: Cristina, Dani, Matthew, and Tom of the GCL family were treated to a free night’s stay at Casita Nublo. We remain eternally grateful. And would eagerly cough up the readies to return.