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Urban Gran Canaria

UD Taburiente players certainly know how to warm up

UD Taburiente

The sports casual section at ROES Moda Hombre

ROES Moda Hombre

Out front at Crazy Needles Tattoo

Crazy Needles Tattoo

Diana Pilates is totally at home doing pilates in the park

Pilates in the park

The front of Hotel Madrid

Hotel Madrid

Parque Juan Pablo II is as grand a park as its name suggests

Parque Juan Pablo II

Spain's Serge Ibaka on the way to another basket at the Gran Canaria Arena in the friendly against Senegal

Gran Canaria Arena

Mercado del Puerto

Fermin Romero

San Lorenzo's rustic setting

San Lorenzo

Ciudad Jardin's Carolcocina


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's Iglesia de San José

San José

The Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto's outdoor pool

Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto