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CC Alisios to open in Tamaraceite

March 15, 2017
CC Alisios shopping centre

Do you like to shop? You’ll be in good company on Gran Canaria as the locals like to make a day of it. Which results in the creation of new shopping centres, such as CC Alisios.

Relax, we’re here to keep you up to date with the latest Gran Canaria news stories. Our comprehensive coverage continues with details about the new CC Alisios. You definitely read it here first.

1. CC Alisios to open in Tamaraceite: what

Centro Comercial Alisios is Gran Canaria’s latest shopping centre. It’s bought you by the international firm of architects, Chapman Taylor, who boast over half a century of experience of projects predominately realized in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. Such as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s award-winning CC El Muelle.

Taking its name from the Spanish for trade winds, CC Alisios represents a very 21st-century consideration of what makes for a great retail park. Utilizing Gran Canaria’s favourable climate to include plenty of al-fresco places in its planned 190,000 square metres of emporium. Comprising 5,000 square metres of hypermarket and a 1,100-seater cinema, it’s set to become “a unique and never-seen-before open-space street + plaza urban-style experience destination” according to Chapman Taylor business development manager, Jorge Alonso.

CC Alisios: shopping in the great outdoors
Gran Canaria malls are different

2. CC Alisios to open in Tamaraceite: where

Despite this recent development in Tamaraceite, those from more central Las Palmas de Gran Canaria continue to think of the area as the countryside. The crow of a cockerel is still how many locals wake up. CC Alisios is technically in Lomo Los Frailes, a mere 10-minute drive from the capital’s Parque San Telmo.

You can travel in a car along the GC-31 and GC-3, via the Carretera General de Norte, or the GC-5, and GC-3. There are also blue Global bus services linking Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with CC Alisios, including the 205, 216, and 317. Along with yellow Guaguas Municipales’ 47 and 91.

3. CC Alisios to open in Tamaraceite: when

Mr Gran Canaria Local has been following the construction of CC Alisios with interest. As it’s just around the corner from the football club his two eldest sons play for: CD Carnevali. The centre will open to the public in August 2017.