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COCO Coworking: Las Palmas workspace

July 29, 2017
COCO Coworking, Las Palmas collaborative space

There’s never been a more liberated workforce than the 21st century generation. With a degree of knowhow and some talent, you can work from anywhere in the world. Including from the latest Las Palmas collaborative space to receive a coveted Gran Canaria Local profile, COCO Coworking.

Last week, we took you through the keyhole at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s GoCoworking. This week, we shine our spotlight on a certified-fresh digital nomad hub in another part of the Gran Canaria capital. Introducing you to COCO Coworking through the medium of our trademark three-part guide.

1. COCO Coworking: where it’s at

Whilst it’s fair to say that Las Palmas de Gran Canaria could do with some more bike lanes, it’s a pedestrian-friendly city. Mainly because it’s not that big and you can walk to most places within half an hour such as COCO Coworking which is located just above the Alcaravaneras barrio and off the des-res Paseo de Chil. If you want to save on shoe leather, the closest bus stop to Local 1, Calle Salvador Manrique de Lara 7 (+34 928 236 532) is just four minutes away.

2. COCO Coworking: what

Housed in a former hairdressers (when you see the sign which still stands, you’ll know you’ve arrived), the decor is of the recycled variety which lends this open space a certain charm. The Internet connection is 300/300, enabling you to keep up to speed with your workload, and there’s free coffee if you need a caffeine kick. Moiche Languages regularly visit, offering classes in English, French, and Spanish, and nearby surf school Buena Onda offer a discounted rate to COCO coworkers.

3. COCO Coworking: when

COCO Coworking officially opened on Saturday September 3rd with an inauguration. Owner Marina Ramos Vicente, a graphic designer by trade, is a fount of local knowledge; sharing with Mr Gran Canaria Local an insight into the life and times of celebrated Canarian artist Néstor Martín-Fernández de la Torre as well as the original name of Las Canteras beach. They open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

Disclaimer: We were a guest of COCO Coworking at a recent open day. Where we ran into translator Elena Romero Doreste who’s astounded at the proliferation of new coworking spaces in her native city since returning following a two-year stay in London. You pay from 8€ a day to up to 130€ a month, although you’ll find more pricing details on their website.

  • COCO Coworking coworker

    COCO Coworking coworker

    Getting down to business at COCO Coworking

  • COCO Coworking decor

    COCO Coworking decor

    The ever-stylish COCO Coworking

  • COCO Coworking interior

    COCO Coworking interior

    Escape the urban jungle at the green and pleasant COCO Coworking

  • COCO Coworking

    COCO Coworking

    Going through the keyhole at COCO Coworking