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DO Mercado by Atelier: Las Palmas cocktail bar

August 10, 2017
Do Mercado by Atelier's Paula and Raimondo

Craving news of the latest and greatest openings on Gran Canaria? You’ve come to the right place as Gran Canaria Local, the island’s number-one blog, will keep you informed of our brand new favourite establishments. Including Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s DO Mercado by Atelier.

We’ll begin, in time-honoured fashion, by explaining how you reach DO Mercado by Atelier both physically and spiritually. Then we’ll give you a taste of what you can expect to find on their drinks list. Finishing with an overview of what there is to eat at DO Mercado by Atelier.

1. DO Mercado by Atelier: where it’s at

You’ll find DO Mercado by Atelier in Mercado del Puerto, on the borders of Las Canteras and La Isleta. The MdP was recently rated one of The 10 Best Food Markets in Spain by the acclaimed The Culture Trip. This is a mercado which has become as much, if not more, a place to eat and drink out at as shop for your RDA of fruit and veg.

DO Mercado by Atelier is the latest venture of the island’s leading mixologist, Raimondo Palomba. It opened in July 2017. Palomba’s select group of 10 employees now work here, in the original Atelier on the top floor of Playa del Inglés’ classy Bohemia Suites hotel, and in a cocktail truck which tours the island’s leading festivals.

Local 17, for that’s the market stall DO Mercado by Atelier occupy, opens Wednesday to Saturday from 4:00pm-12:00am and 12:00pm-5-.00pm on Sunday. There’s limited seating. You can always stand and even explore what the rest of the market has to offer on the gastronomic front with “glass” in hand.

2. DO Mercado by Atelier: what to drink

Palomba’s capital project has quickly established itself as one of Gran Canaria’s best cocktail bars. There’s not much overlap from what they offer at their Playa del Inglés mothership with more of an emphasis on utilizing market products. Alohe (7,5€) is available at both joints however, the difference being that in DO Mercado by Atelier, they serve this cooling concoction of gin, aloe vera, elderflower liqueur, lemon, sugar, mint leaves, and prosecco in a mini shopping bag.

In keeping with the theme, the main cocktail menu is referred to as a “Shopping list”. We were immediately shaken awake by the Mary Picón (8,5€), a Canarian version of the celebrated Bloody Mary with cumin-infused Zubrówka vodka, cherry tomatoes on the vine, tomato juice, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, lemon, salt, and black pepper. Spicy stuff ingeniously presented in a chilled, hollowed-out red pepper.

Next, we were stirred by Aldea Green (7,5€) and Canarias Colada (8,5€) with the former turning up in an avocado husk and the latter, a coconut shell (but, of course). Both went heavy on La Palma’s Aldea rum which was originally produced in La Aldea de San Nicolás. We were interested to learn from our host that there are plans to convert the former distillery there into a museum.

Fellow mixologist Paula Quintero Frias then rolled out the Red Carpet (7€), combining puréed Valsequillo strawberries, prosecco, and a balsamic vinegar reduction. Cocktails, in common with the finest gastronomic creations, work best when contrasts of both taste and texture are introduced to the recipe. Paula, like all Atelier staff, trained under Raimondo for an initial three-month period and then worked on site for another nine months before she was entrusted in preparing her first cocktail for an actual punter.

Our favourite cocktail, however, was the Bohemian Rhapsody (10€), a heady brew of A$AP Rocky and Napoleon’s favourite tipple, Courvoisier VSOP Cognac, cherry brandy, Grand Marnier, and Apricot brandy flambeed with citric peel and fruit. It’s Christmas in a glass. Like sipping on a semi-liquidized fruitcake with Palomba revealing that by forking out the sozzled pieces of fruta, you’ll really able to savour the flavour.

There’s a trio of non-alcoholic cocktails priced at 6€: Energizer, Summer Detox, and Tropical Trip (the list is something which evolves rather than is fixed). Along with vodkas such as Gran Canaria’s very own Blat (11€), the world’s purest voddy. And gins, rums, whiskies, tequilas, brandies, apéritifs, and digestifs.

3. DO Mercado by Atelier: what to eat

The food offerings are pretty, pretty scant at DO Mercado by Atelier. There’s complimentary popcorn and also the edible containers if you like to eat green and red peppers like apples. No? That must just be us then.

DO Mercado by Atelier recommend pairing their cocktails with dishes from the various outlets in the market. So they suggest supping the aforementioned Mary Picón with Encurtidos Antequera‘s goat cheese and caramelized onion tapa, Aldea Green with Trasmallo‘s fresh grilled fish of the day, and Canarias Colada with Entre Copas y Palos‘ seafood salad. The advocated pairings for the AloheBohemian Rhapsody, and Red Carpet are Skandi Tapas‘ salmon roll, Piscos & Buches‘ cheesecake, and Bocado Ibérico‘s jamón.

The other shopping list entries include Red Sweet Chili Peppers (8,5€) which goes well with Ay Carmela‘s prawn and guacamole taco, Flowers and Cucumbers (7,5€) best partnered with El Camarón‘s clams, and Papayada (9€) which you should marry with Maketto Sushi Bar‘s tuna tartar. Then there’s Tunopolitan (7,5€) and Asador del Mercado‘s free-range chicken combo and House Old Fashioned (8€) which links up beautifully with La Ribereña‘s chocolate and Baileys cake. Finish with the coffee-strong The Italian Job (8€) and Cachuk‘s Sicilian cannolo.

Disclaimer: For the purposes of writing this guide, Paula and Raimondo prepared a selection of complimentary cocktails for us to sample.

  • Canarias Colada

    Canarias Colada

    You’ll go loco for coco at DO Mercado by Atelier

  • Paula prepares the Red Carpet

    Paula prepares the Red Carpet

    Rolling out the Red Carpet at DO Mercado by Atelier

  • Raimondo prepares the Bohemian Rhapsody

    Raimondo prepares the Bohemian Rhapsody

    Making sweet, sweet music at DO Mercado by Atelier

  • Red Sweet Chili Peppers

    Red Sweet Chili Peppers

    Some like it hot at DO Mercado by Atelier