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easyJet Gran Canaria flights

July 25, 2016

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Get your Gran Canaria Local Daily, all about easyJet Gran Canaria flights. Yet another freebie handout with your Gran Canaria visit very much in mind.

Yesterday, we reported on the increase in Gran Canaria flights from Birmingham. Today, we’re letting you know about easyJet upping its GC services from two UK airports. Before speculating a little on what effect Brexit will have on flights to and from the islands.

  1. easyJet Gran Canaria flights from Newcastle
  2. easyJet Gran Canaria flights from Southend
  3. easyJet Gran Canaria flights post Brexit

1. easyJet Gran Canaria flights from Newcastle

UK low-cost airline easyJet has announced it will launch a new route from Newcastle International airport to the Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria in November. Tourists will be able to swap the chilly north east for the sub-tropical climes of Gran Canaria every Tuesday during the winter season. John Irving, Newcastle International airports’s business development director, was quick to welcome easyJet’s expansion: ““Las Palmas continues to be a favoured destination for the north east travelling public and will be ideal for those looking to escape for some winter sun.”

Gran Canaria easyJet flights increase
easyJet plane en route

2. easyJet Gran Canaria flights from Southend

London Southend airport‘s another beneficiary of the continuing uncertainty regarding Heathrow’s proposed third runway. A new easyJet route from Southend to Gran Canaria will launch on 6th November. The bi-weekly flights will bring an extra 12,000 tourists to the island on a yearly basis.

Neil Slaven, easyJet’s commercial manager, spoke enthusiastically about the new service: “We’re delighted to be adding Gran Canaria to easyJet’s range of destinations from Southend in a move which provides our passengers with an additional winter holiday destination from the airport, further strengthening our already comprehensive European flight network.”

3. easyJet Gran Canaria flights post Brexit

So whilst the news looks good for easyJet fliers in the short term, how about in the longer term? If European flights are reclassified as international flights following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, will having so many UK hubs make sense for a low-cost airline like easyJet. Rival Ryanair have already said they will focus on their EU operations in future over their UK ones when the split finally happens, so surely it’s not inconceivable to speculate that easyJet might well follow suit.