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El Caserio de San Jose de Las Vegas

September 2, 2014
The estate at El Caserio de San Jose de Las Vegas

Last Friday, the Gran Canaria Local family headed towards the centre of the island without travelling too far from our Las Palmas de Gran Canaria base. Our destination was Santa Brigida, a mere 20 minutes away. Specifically, El Caserio de San Jose de Las Vegas.

Although the boys are in training, the football season hasn’t started yet on the island. Not for their age groups, at any rate. Which means our weekends are still (relatively) free.

So, we decided to enjoy a getaway at a rural retreat. Owner Emma Guerrero warned us about leaving our door open at night. Except the nocturnal visitor we could expect wasn’t a burglar, unless you classify a cheese-hunting mouse as a housebreaker.

There are three holiday homes at El Caserio de San Jose de Las Vegas: the botanically-named La Casa del Caqui, La Casa del Drago, and La Casa de las Pitas. We stayed at the latter, a two-bedroomed one-floor construction which we’re guessing was once a stable. Here are four things we found ourselves enjoying.

  1. Staying at a living, breathing estate
  2. Cooling down at the pool
  3. Working out and working in
  4. Getting away without being far, far away

1. Staying at a living, breathing estate

There are 40,000 square metres to explore at the El Caserio de San Jose de Las Vegas complex. It’s a wedding-reception value and we marvelled at the manicured areas. Whilst also appreciating hanging out at the scrubland where we tried, yet failed, to catch ever-elusive grasshoppers on land that also houses the Guerrero’s family home.

2. Cooling down at the pool

An Italian acquaintance of us explains that he chooses to live in Santa Brigida because there are seasons. It was high summer when we arrived. Which resulted in a visit to a pool 1.20 metres deep at both ends, which features a room full of beachballs and other fun pool accessories to keep kids big and small amused.

3. Working out

As Mrs GCL will waste no time telling you, Mr GCL has trouble winding down. So, he enjoyed working out at the El Caserio de San Jose gym plus using the estate’s laptop to keep on top of his various assignments. The same laptop which allowed him to watch Chelsea’s glorious Saturday teatime 6-3 defeat of Everton.

4. Getting away without being far, far away

Our Italian amico commutes to LP from SB and it was reassuring to be able to see Santa Brigida landmarks from El Caserio de San Jose, the village centre being a mere 2km away. The likes of the market and the sports centre where, on many an occasion, we’ve gone toe to toe with the Italian on the inside football pitch. Later, we arrived back to the city still feeling revitalized. After all, nothing banishes the joy of a break like a long drive home.

Disclaimer: We were treated to a complimentary one-night stay at El Caserio de San Jose de Las Vegas. Although we were generously offered a week in all. When we return, we’ll definitely stay for longer.