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El Churrasco Meloneras

February 6, 2018
Blue skies above El Churrasco Meloneras

Are you after a guide to Gran Canaria which doesn’t skimp on the details? If this is your first time with us, welcome to Gran Canaria Local. Where, amongst other things, we’ll share our favourite restaurants with you.

Such as El Churrasco Meloneras. Mr and Mrs Gran Canaria Local had already enjoyed the good fortune to dine at El Churrasco in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. So, Mr GCL was delighted to receive an invite to eat at their Meloneras restaurant.

Sticking to our traditional recipe, follow our instructions to first find El Churrasco Meloneras. Before discovering their key ingredients, both liquid and solid. Yes, it’s our tried-and-trusted three-part guide.

  1. El Churrasco Meloneras: how to get there
  2. El Churrasco Meloneras: what to drink
  3. El Churrasco Meloneras: what to eat

1. El Churrasco Meloneras: how to get there

If you’re based in either Maspalomas or Meloneras, El Churrasco Meloneras is an ideal lunch or dinner venue. Located as it is in, a mere gone-in-60-seconds stroll from the Faro de Maspalomas itself. It’s actually part of the Lopesan Costa Meloneras resort, although the fastest route from lighthouse to restaurant is along the promenade.


2. El Churrasco Meloneras: what to drink

Given the fact El Churrasco Meloneras is ostensibly a steakhouse, reds dominate the wine list. Mr Gran Canaria Local ordered a glass of the house red. And at this Meloneras restaurant, it’s an in-house production.

For El Churrasco head honcho Mario Gil imports vino from his Familia Gil vineyards in mainland Spain’s acclaimed Rioja region. Mr GCL’s no wine wanker, so he won’t overelaborate on the reserva‘s virtues. The fact he requested a second glass should tell you enough of its qualities.

3. El Churrasco Meloneras: what to eat

At this steakhouse, they restore the good name of Aberdeen Angus. But it’s the little touches that impressed Mr Gran Canaria Local more. From the warm welcome of general manager Paul de Armas who escorted our reviewer to his table.

To the iced butter that gave fresh new meaning to the expression: melt in your mouth. Mr GCL loved alternating spreading the oven-hot bread with this dairy delicacy to dipping it in Argentina’s classic condiment, chimichurri.

Dining without meat-loving Mrs GCL in tow, Mr Gran Canaria Local didn’t bother to look at the various cuts of animal on the menu. Instead, he ordered shoots of green asparagus (€11,60) which were gently grilled to retain their bite. Followed by a vegetable pasta (€13,50) which illustrated Italy’s debt to China on the culinary front, utilizing vegetables traditionally associated with a stir fry alongside noodly tagliatelle.

Disclaimer: Mr GCL was an invited guest of El Churrasco Meloneras. But he’d pay to return. Treating Mrs Gran Canaria Local in the process.