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El Confital

January 20, 2018

Meeting McCarthy

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by legendary journalist John McCarthy for Radio 4’s Saturday Live. The plan was for the interview to be recorded on El Confital beach, showing a side to the island most tourists don’t see. But we didn’t quite get there.

Feeling the heat

They were running behind schedule. Also, the producer understandably was loath to lug the recording equipment all the way there, especially as we found a spot which overlooked both El Confital and its wider-known neighbour, Las Canteras. I think the fact it was closer to 30 centigrades than 20 had something to do with it too.

El Confital: the neighbourhood beach

The reason I first visited El Confital, which I explained to John but which was cut out in the edit, was thanks to a neighbourly tip. In my first year here, I played house husband to our then youngest son Alex. Suffering from leukaemia, he was too ill to attend nursery.

Escape from the big bad city

However, the beach was a yes-yes and we began to explore Gran Canaria’s shoreline, focusing on what would become my beloved north coast. Until my next-door neighbour seeing us flip-flopped up for the umpteenth day in succession, asked if we’d ever been to El Confital. Replying in the negative, she responded by telling me that we didn’t even need to leave Las Palmas to escape the seething metropolis.

Jack Jones

The problem I now have is that Alex is old enough to have a say in where we’re going. And he prefers to play football with his cousins and friends on nearby Canteras. His surfer brother Dani isn’t quite experienced for the wild waves thrown up on Confital’s shore. So I’ve taken to going to Confital alone, although I have sneaked the newest addition to our family, toddler Tom, there a few times.