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El Muelle Deportivo

September 2, 2013

Mr Gran Canaria Local’s never been the biggest fan of El Muelle Deportivo. He’s a lightweight landlubber after all. But then he met up with somebody who started their new life in Gran Canaria there. And he began to doubt his misgivings.

How was Mr GCL to know that his own personal Road to Damascus was a 10-minute walk from where he lived? One thing’s not going to change, however. And that’s our extensive coverage of the island, highlighting locations both near and far.

Marina and the diamonds

El Muelle Deportivo’s a marina in all but name. So, local firms hooked up to form Marina LPA. Most of which are located in the swanky CC Sotavento, such as a branch of über-posh gastro chain Allende.

Hidden treasure at El Muelle Deportivo

El Muelle Deportivo boasts other bars and restaurants away from this sparkly mall. The majority you can’t see from the Avenída Marítima above. On the other side of Alcaravaneras beach, you’ll find Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria. This is one of GC’s most exclusive social clubs. This side of Alcaravaneras, there’s the similarly chic Club Marítimo Varadero.

Grouchy like Groucho

Although not members of the club, we’re with Groucho Marx when it comes to club membership, we’ve been here before with eldest son Dani. As he once signed up for one of their watersports courses. And one of his aunts, hola Yolanda, is a member, although she uses it for the swimming pool most of all.

Arc de triomphe

The last time we found ourselves in El Muelle Deportivo was to cover the ARC. Being November, there was rain. When we first moved to the island, the fact that it rained surprised us. But our Carnaval gets as wet as the Notting Hill version.

Yo ho ho

This time, we’ve met up with teacher and fellow expat Liz Coles at El Muelle Deportivo’s Sailor’s Bar. It’s a morning appointment, so we’re not on the rum. Although Mr GCL does follow his cortado with a caña.