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Five fave Gran Canaria rural retreats

February 12, 2015
Las Rosas A, one of our favourite Gran Canaria rural retreats

The Gran Canaria Local family have had the pleasure of staying in some beautiful places on the island. Here, we share our five favourite Gran Canaria rural retreats. Perfect destinations for a great escape.

Sure, Gran Canaria’s home to a number of all-inclusive hotels. Some of which we’ve holidayed at. But if you want to explore beyond the resorts, one of the island’s casas rurales makes for an ideal base. And, as you’ll discover, you needn’t skimp on the glamour in self-catering accommodation on GC. In alphabetical order, here are our five favourite Gran Canaria rural retreats.

  1. Casa Bentayga
  2. Casa Nublo
  3. Casa Rural La Asomadita
  4. El Caserío de San José de Las Vegas
  5. Las Rosas

1. Casa Bentayga

We stayed at Casa Bentayga, one of our recommended Gran Canaria rural retreats, whilst the centre of the island’s Tejeda was celebrating the arrival of its almond blossom. And a quick search on Google Maps confirms our memory of a five-minute walk into the village. Making it darn convenient for the famed Fiestas del Almendro en Flor.

We remember running into a British Club member in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria who was complaining about the poor weather in the capital. She remarked that she was having to wear her Tejeda coat. We looked at her a bit funny as we recalled sunbathing on the terrace at the Parador in April.

And there was no need for a Tejeda coat during our February stay at Casita Bentayga. Well, not before the sun went down at any rate on one of our fave Gran Canaria rural retreats. As Mr GCL could have done with one as he made a nocturnal visit to the village to take in some of the festivities.

2. Casa Nublo

We couldn’t wait to return to Tejeda after arriving at our Las Palmas de Gran Canaria base. And we were delighted to be invited back the following weekend; to stay at Bentayga’s sister establishment, Casa Nublo. Together, they form the Casita Roquenublo complex.

Again, the weather was perfect for our weekend away at another of those darn convenient Gran Canaria rural retreats. To the extent that Mrs GCL cursed the fact the restaurant Casa Del Caminero only used parasols in the summer. Imagine our surprise then when we heard the following weekend’s guests at Casita Nublo were snowed in.

3. Casa Rural La Asomadita

We have a soft spot for El Valle de Agaete. Agaete’s grow-everything valley. Where coffee, tropical fruit, and wine vines flourish.

Indeed, Mr Gran Canaria Local would gladly swap life in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for valley living in the north west of the island. Particularly if the family home was Casa Rural La Asomadita. A generiously-proportioned holiday home if ever there was one.

We loved the thoughtful touches here. The hiking spikes for keen trekkers and the mountain bikes for those who prefer to travel by two wheels. For the larger family group, we can’t recommend La Asomadita enough.

4. El Caserío de San José de Las Vegas

Travelling to the centre of the island from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you’ll hit Santa Brígida in under 20 minutes. Before son number three arrived, Mr Gran Canaria Local was a regular Sunday-morning visitor. Playing a fast-paced game of football at the municipality’s excellent leisure centre before winding down in the pool and spa section.

We recreated the leisurely side of Mr GCL’s old Sabbath routine with a stay at El Caserío de San José de Las Vegas. Another complex, this hamlet’s home to three holiday homes. We stayed in La Casa de las Pitas, but would gladly return to check out both La Casa del Caqui and La Casa del Drago. The helpful owners of El Caserío de San José live in the hamlet themselves.

There’s a pool to cool at another of our recommended Gran Canaria rural retreats, although the beauty of GC is that you rarely get the furnace temperatures of the likes of Andalucia. Like the Casa Rural La Asomadita and, indeed, the Tejeda houses, El Caserío de San José de Las Vegas suits those who want to get out and about. You can even walk into Las Palmas de Gran Canaria along the Barranco de Guiniguada.

5. Las Rosas

There are two holiday homes at El Risco’s Las Rosas. The larger Las Rosas A which kindly put up the Gran Canaria Local family. And the more compact Las Rosas B which Mrs Gran Canaria Local has been badgering her hubby to book for a more intimate break.

Whilst Mrs GCL relaxed at Las Rosas A, Mr GCL and the boys went off exploring. Making their way to the nearby Charco Azul. It was as that the Blue Lagoon that we ran into some friends from football.

To the mild shock of Mrs GCL, we brought them back to one of our fave Gran Canaria rural retreats. Taking advantage of Las Rosas A‘s barbeque facilities. The north-west of Gran Canaria being rather more barbie-friendly than the north-west of England.

So, we’ve introduced you to our five favourite Gran Canaria rural retreats. Which one takes your fancy most, guys? Tell us; we’d love to know.

Disclaimer: We were treated to free stays at each of our favourite Gran Canaria rural retreats. Although we’d willingly go back as paying customers. Oh, and if you book through some of these links, it will earn us a bit of pocket money. Just trying to be up front with you all.