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5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria

March 19, 2018
Be Canary School, one of 5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria

Want to learn Spanish? There are few better locations to do so all year round in Spain than Gran Canaria, considering the island’s eternal spring. Stand by as we reveal 5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria.

Unlike others who cover the island by dividing their sites between catering for tourists and those who choose to relocate to Gran Canaria, we’re a one-stop shop. We weren’t born on the island but have gone native. One way we did was to learn the lingo. Here we enable you to do the same by naming and faming five schools where you can learn Spanish on Gran Canaria.

1. 5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria: Spanish Courses Gran Canaria

Spanish Courses Gran Canaria – Academia El Capitán Definitely the right choice if you want to learn Spanish in the city of Las Palmas. This school has a familiar atmosphere and is constantly innovating. Their intensive courses in small groups focus on communication and their Outdoor Classes and Cultural Activities are unique occasions to practice your Spanish and discover the island.

You’ll make a great experience out of a Spanish course. You can also book private classes that adapt to your schedule and a single room in shared flats for a fair price.

2. 5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria: Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the only one of the island’s official language schools in the north of the island to offer Spanish amongst their selection of idioms, althouth the EOI Maspalomas does too. Targeting the expat over the tourist, sign up in May to register for heavily subsidized classes beginning in September although the office does it best to enrol latecomers. Their website is in Spanish, however, and nobody speaks English at the reception; which can prove problematic to absolute beginners on the Spanish-language front.

3. 5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria: Be Canary School

MaspalomasBe Canary School, tag line “Learn Spanish in Paradise”, maximize their resort location to the full. And so they’re partial to taking lessons out of the classroom and onto the beach. Choose from a range of programmes with the hardcore super-intensive Spanish course on one extreme and the more relaxed conversational Spanish course on the other.

4. 5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria: Language Campus

Language Campus, close to the sixth-form institutes of Paseo Tomás Morales in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has a young feel. With teachers as fresh faced as the students. They also have schools elsewhere in the capital, in Mesa y López and Siete Palmas.

5. 5 great Spanish language schools on Gran Canaria: ULPGC

ULPGC stands for the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Although they have a base in Paseo Tomás Morales, it’s their campus in the stockbroker belt of Tafira Alta where you’ll find their Spanish language school. The Aula de Idiomas offer state-of-the-art facilities, although these come at a pretty hefty price (€350 for three months of two-hourly lessons twice a week compared to the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas’ €75 academic year of September through to May).