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Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar

September 5, 2015
The outside of Fruit'n co Vitamina Bar

Gran Canaria Local have, as our name might suggest, gone native. In so many, many ways. Allow us to explain more fully.

When we first moved to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, we cursed the supermarkets for their lack of choice. They didn’t even stock Marmite. Before the shortcomings of the supers seemed less important as we fell in love with the greengrocers who sold fruit in season and much of it grown on Gran Canaria’s fertile soils.

Before we relocated to the island, we took our lunch at twelve. At our desk. Yes, it was invariably a packed one. Then we tried our first menu del día and we were hooked. Franco introduced this cheap three-course set lunch to feed hungry workers on a budget. It’s survived into democratic times and whilst we sometimes grumble about the lack of veggie options, the more accommodating restaurants will always whip us something up.

Our last UK home was in Loughton, Essex. It was built in 1920. When we told the Canarian side of our family, they were like: “Why would you live in a building that’s older than you?” On Gran Canaria, though, we have learnt to embrace the modern. Whilst we did shed a tear when our favourite horchatería closed, we now get more excited when a new place to eat out in town opens than upset when an old fave shuts down.

Which brings us, in our trademark roundabout way, to Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar. Here’s how it relates to our going local in Gran Canaria. 1, 2, 3:

  1. Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar’s brand spanking new
  2. They’re a frutería
  3. Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar offer a menu del día

1. Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar’s brand spanking new

Triana’s one of the oldest postcodes in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. As you can tell from Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar’s address. Calle Torres 8, 35002, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The area’s largely pedestrianized streets are a joy to stroll through. With our local antennae tuned to picking up the latest opening. So when we stumbled off Calle Mayor de Triana, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s version of Madrid’s Gran Vía, into Calle Torres; we quickly clocked the new Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar. So new, it gleams. With tables inside and out.

2. They’re a frutería

A frutería is what the Spanish call a greengrocer. Although we didn’t see any visitors buying fruit and veg to take away, that’s what Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar claim to be. If their Facebook page is anything to go by.

Here’s their short description in full: “¿Nunca has comido en frutería? Todas las vitaminas de las frutas y de la verduras en batidos y zumos naturales, sándwiches, bocadillos, dulces y mucho más.”

And here’s that short description in English: “Have you ever eaten in a greengrocers? All the vitamins of fruit and vegetables in smoothies and juices, sandwiches, snacks, sweets, and more.”

3. Fruit’n Co Vitamina Bar offer a menú del día

It’s the “more” that attracted Mr Gran Canaria Local and companion to visit. Mr GCL has met so many new people on the island through the site and his latest acquaintance is one of the digital nomads we profiled in our CoWorking Canarias post. Even if he’s not a dig nom himself, Mr Gran Canaria Local feels like he’s got a lot in common with this ever-expanding group.

For €9,90, you select from a set menu of two starters and two main courses. When we went, three out of the four dishes were vegetarian. A freshly-prepared fruit juice of your choice and coffee completes the meal.

Mr Gran Canaria Local went for the carrot and celery juice whilst his Czech dining companion opted for the mango and orange one. Mangoes had just come into season on the island and this liquidized version is one of the best ways to enjoy them if you want to avoid getting seriously messy. Fruit’n co’s yummy concoctions are also ideal for making your way to your recommended five a day.

The starters are both soups. Mr GCL’s sopa de quinoa presented this superfood in a form that was delicious as it was nutritious. The same could be said for his lunch buddy’s garden vegetable soup. They both plumped for the vegetarian pasta main which was substantial in both flavour and portion.

There’s plenty of colour inside and out at Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar. Not least in the surprise dessert of a cantaloupe melon filled with fruity delights. Accompanied by honey and yoghurt, it was one more thing to love about our brand new favourite joint in Triana.

Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local and pal were treated to a free lunch at Fruit’n co Vitamina Bar. As per our review policy. If you’d like your eatery to feature on our blog, feel free to get in touch.