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Gran Canaria Business Week

January 9, 2014
The players at Day 4 of the Gran Canaria Business Walk 2014

Gran Canaria Business Week, it’s business time

Mr Gran Canaria Local’s not really what you’d call an entrepreneur. Yet, we were invited along with the international bright young things to Gran Canaria Business Week 2014. Where we went back to school at the Hotel Cristina Las Palmas, taking notes at Day Four of this annual event.

Hans free

Norway’s Hans Lysglimt Johansen the genius behind Gran Canaria Business Week, an event he first organized in 2013. A businessman who’s like a cartoon come to life, such is his enthusiasm, he shuns a Scandinavian winter by relocating to GC from December through to March. He’s also the man with the plan behind Si! Viva España!, a Canary Islands and Spain community with 100,000+ fans.

Bringing the sunshine

Day Four’s first presentation’s from another escapee from the north of Europe, Germany’s Katja Andes. She ditched a corporate Berlin career to become a digital nomad, founding Sunny Office in the process. We particularly liked her advice to “close an old door for a new one to open”, one of four of the biggest lessons she’s learned.

Going Dutch

Next up to the floor was the Netherlands’ André Gussekloo. Where Katja Andes likes to organize get-togethers for like-minded entrepeneurs in sunnier climes, André is a more solitary traveller. A producer of SEO content for the Dutch market and e-books for Kindle, he talked of working in Asia, Europe, and South America with his girlfriend. And although GC’s cheaper to live in than our old London stomping ground, AG really sold the living-like-a-king lifestyle in Thailand. Where for 800 Euros a month, you can rent a luxury flat, eat out at your leisure, and, of course, take some sun. Roll on the 2015 event. Who knows what we’ll learn there.