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Meet the GC Locals No 7: Elisabeth Csenar

September 16, 2017
Elisabeth Csenar taking shade

Where to move to on Gran Canaria? How about Vecindario? Someone who has made their home there is our latest interviewee in our popular Gran Canaria Locals series: Elisabeth Csenar.

1. ¡Hola, Elisabeth! Where are you based on Gran Canaria and what attracted you to this particular area?

When I first moved to Gran Canaria in 1999, I lived in Vecindario, El Tablero, San Fernando, and Maspalomas until I left in 2005. I came back in 2015 and moved right back into my old apartment in Maspalomas, because it was convenient in so many, many ways. But a lot has changed in my decade of absence, including me as I’ve got older and grown out of the party scene.

So I’ve decided to return to Vecindario. It’s still close to my office in Playa del Inglés, but has managed to preserve the Canarian way of life that I fell in love with when I relocated to the island originally. I like the authentic cafes, the friendly people, and the countless little shops. Also, it is quite central as in no time you’re either in the north and Las Palmas, the east of the airport, or at one of the amazing beaches in the south of the island.

Vecindario, where Elisabeth Csenar lays her hat
Shopping City Gran Canaria: Vecindario

2. What tips would you give people relocating to the island?

It’s important to understand that this is not Central Europe. Things get done, but at their pace. So, be patient. In order to get a job, speaking some languages is always a plus. Be sure to have a translator if you do not speak Spanish, to avoid confusion and getting ripped off when renting a home, buying a car, signing contracts and everything in between.

3. If you were to liken Gran Canaria to an ice cream, which one would you compare it to and why?

Green Tea, no doubt about that. It’s sweet, bitter, bright, healthy, funny, and different. Once you’ve tried it and developed a taste, you’ll come back for more. Just like I did.

4. What are some of your favourite island hobbies?

I totally love to go off road and get lost in the mountains. This way you discover the most amazing places and people. Also, I like the 3 “Cs” – “compra, cena, cine” (shopping, dinner, movies). But my all-time favourite pastime, which I do every day after work, is going to the beach for a quick swim and then reading a chapter of a book before heading home.

5. Finally, Elisabeth, what do you do workwise on Gran Canaria?

I am a certified translator and interpreter. Being trilingual, I speak German, Spanish, and English. I work for
lawyer Ricardo Lucio in the Mercurio office building in Playa del Inglés. Before that I did whatever work sounded fun. I’ve been a front-desk clerk, tour guide, and waitress. And sold tattoos, bathing suits, and high-end jewellery as well as presented fashion shows.

Are you Gran Canaria born and bred? Or have you gone native on the island like us? If so and you’re interested in taking part in this series, drop us a line.