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Gran Canaria pizzerias: our good pizza guide

February 20, 2017
Pizzeria Caminito is one of the best Gran Canaria pizzerias

Despite the fact our beautiful island is closer to Africa than Italy, there are some truly great Gran Canaria pizzerias. We reveal our favourite pizza places in the north, south, east, west, and centre of the island.

Whilst there’s some dispute regarding the origin of pizza, there’s no denying pizza has become a global phenomenon. The one meal you can enjoy anywhere on the planet. Discover where you can eat in and take out what is universally accepted as the food of the gods, in our guide to Gran Canaria pizzerias.

1. Gran Canaria restaurants: north

In the capital, you’ll find a familiar name in Domino’s; the only one of this branch on the island let alone the city. Located in the Sietes Palmas barrio, they deliver to other parts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. For a contemporary twist on a classic recipe, try their pulled-pork pizza.

Another household name, especially in Spain, is Telepizza. They have four branches in the Gran Canaria capital and three outside. Cheese lovers will fall head over heels for their Pizza Delicheese (Emmenthal, Edam, Mozzarella, Provolone, Cheddar, candied tomato, and oregano).

Another chain favoured by the Gran Canaria Local household is Pizza Royer’s, purveyors of American-style pizza. They operate out of six bases on the island (five in the capital including our preferred Tomás Morales one). The Vegetales de Florida adds mushrooms, green pepper, black olives, onions, and extra cheese to a traditional base.

Nearby, Plaza de la Feria‘s home to a Porta Pizza with offers including a limited-edition medium pizza comprising two ingredients on top of the base for just €3. Staying in the area, the rather-more formal Pizzeria Calabria has a pair of eateries in Carvajal and Juan XXIII. Also in Carvajal is one of a trio of La Traviatta pizzerias, although their Juan M.Duran locale with tiled floor, stone walls, and fancy tablecloths is more suitable for a date night.

And then Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has its boutique pizzerias. Such as the much-loved Pizzeria Caminito which San José residents are lucky enough to call their own. Another local treasure is Arenales’ Pizzería Da Angelo whose menu includes a Pizza (as well as a Spaghetti) Boloñesa.

There are pizzerias aplenty in and around Las Canteras, including Mercado del Puerto’s Woodie’s Kitchen which offers a warm welcome followed by wood-fired pizzas US style and La Isleta’s Il Segreto di Pulcinella which specializes in recreating the classic Neapolitan pizza. Although not ostensibly a pizzeria, Calle Sagasta’s (as in the promenade’s) Blanco Sahara make and bake a mean vegan pizza. Reassuringly, Italians flock to El Point (on the same street but closer to La Puntilla) for the thinnest, crispiest bases in town.

Heading in the other direction, Sangria (which enjoys a prime spot next to Hotel Reina Isabel) offers tapas as well as pizzas. Continue towards La Cicer for Hipopótamo Pizza & Pasta on Calle Lepanto whose Pizza Pancho pairs mustard with sausage, mozzarella, tomato, and onion. Closer to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s second beach, Alcaravaneras, Pizza Real is one of the oldest pizzerias on the whole island; opening way, way back in 1966.

Elsewhere in the north of the island, take out or eat in at the likes of Arucas the municipal capital’s Arucas Pizza and Cuor di Pizza. Whilst the former unites East and West with the likes of a Tandori Chicken pizza on a thick American base, the latter offers pizzas of an older-school Italian variety. Meanwhile, in Agaete head to Puerto de las Nieves and Pizzeria Figueroa where the pizza dough’s mighty fine (in more ways than one).

2. Gran Canaria pizzerias: south

Playa del Inglés is where you’ll find (with a little bit of perseverance) the very definition of a hidden gem in Ristorante Italiano El Circo whose pizzas are certified fresh and authentically Italian. For pizza with an ocean view, try Costa Italy on Paseo Costa Canaria. Similarly Latin is Maspalomas’ Time whose signature pizza nevertheless unites unlikely bedfellows in tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola, bacon, and apple.

Proving that nobody too’s posh for pizza, upmarket Meloneras houses Mezzaluna who offer foccacia-like white pizzas in the form of covacinnos. On the promenade itself, there’s Ciao Ciao Meloneras where calzone’s of the piquant type, served (as it is) with spicy salami. Rather closer to the Faro de Maspalomas is the similarly classy-meets-kitsch Grand’ Italia.

Further west, Patalavaca’s Amici goes big on chequered tablecloths and allows you taste surf alongside turf in their Terra e mare pizza starring tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, tuna, and prawns. In less touristy Arinaga, the south you hit first from the airport before the resorts, look out for Regina Pizza e Birra where yeasted flatbread meets fermented yeast beverage (yes, beer).  Along with La Pizzeria de Andrea y Antonio who win the award for the best pizza name with their Viagra, so titled because of its inclusion of aphrodisiacal, red-hot chilli peppers.

In nearby Vecindario, Il Mondo Della Pizza is a sign of the improving standard of restaurants in Gran Canaria shopping centres. This Centro Comercial Atlantico eatery opens daily from 10:00am to 12:00am. Mr Gran Canaria Local’s a fan of the veggie-friendly Ortolana (cheese, tomato, spinach, pepper, asparagus, and mushrooms).

3. Gran Canaria pizzerias: east

In Telde, Pizzería 12-34 is more fast-food joint than restaurant, which is reflected in its lower prices. Other pizzerias in the Canary Islands’ oldest metropolis include Buona Pizza who have added the intriguing-sounding Salmoneta to their menu (creamed courgette, mozzarella, onion, pepper, sliced tomatoes, salmon, green mojo, and almonds). Then there’s Pizzas El Buly whose dessert list includes a sweet pizza topped with Nutella and icing sugar.

4. Gran Canaria pizzerias: west and centre

In the heart of the island, the pizzas are suitably flavoursome at Sabores Tejeda. This is one of the few pizzerias of pedigree in central and western Gran Canaria. Another being Restaurante Pizzería La Eminencia in Vega de San Mateo, easy to find in the municipal capital’s main road: Avenida Tinamar.