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Gran Canaria rental prices increase

August 26, 2016

Say hola to another morning report from Gran Canaria Local. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest stories about our island. For news and views, such as covering an increase in Gran Canaria rental prices, we’re your go-to-guys.

Landlords will be celebrating at the news that it’s become more expensive to rent a property on Gran Canaria. What does this mean to property seekers, though? We’ll give your our take on the situation.

  1. Gran Canaria rental prices increase: the figures
  2. Gran Canaria rental prices increase: the wider picture
  3. Gran Canaria rental prices increase: top tips

1. Gran Canaria rental prices increase: the figures

According to figures released this week, the cost of renting a property on Gran Canaria increased by 1% last month. The average price per square metre rose to €6,38. The rest of the Canary islands stayed the same, but capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria saw the most noticeable increase in prices for rental.

This is down to the Gran Canaria capital housing eight out off the 14 most expensive streets to rent property across the Canary Islands. And so, a property on exclusive Paseo de Chil costs on average of €3,067 a month to rent. Nearby, renting a property on dead-end (rather than dead-beat) street Calle Chopin will require you waving adios to €2,833 on a monthly basis.

Gran Canaria rental prices have increased
Gran Canaria rentals

2. Gran Canaria rental prices increase: the wider picture

Landlords might want to pop a cork back in that bottle of champagne they’ve just opened. For Gran Canaria remains one of the cheapest places to rent properties in Spain. With the new figure remaining over 13% lower than the national average.

3. Gran Canaria rental prices increase: top tips

You can still steal a deal on renting a Gran Canaria property. Maybe look at renting in La Isleta rather than nearby, more expensive Las Canteras. Or checking out San José for rental properties rather than neighbouring Vegueta.