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Gran Canaria welcomes Vegan Family TV

January 5, 2017
Vegan Family TV, coming soon to a monitor near you

Want to go vegan on Gran Canaria? You’ll find it a lot easier thanks to a new arrival on our shores. Bienvenido a la isla, Vegan Family TV.

Mr Gran Canaria Local is one of a growing number of Gran Canaria residents who follow a vegetarian diet. So he was delighted to learn that he’s been joined on the island by some kindred spirits, in the form of Vegan Family TV. Mr GCL decided to grill them.

1. Hi, guys. Great to have you here with us on Gran Canaria. So, what inspired the move to the island?

We have been visiting the Canary Islands for the last few years as we fell in love with the perfect weather and vibrant culture after our first visit. We set our hearts on one day being able to come for an extended stay and finally here we are in Gran Canaria. We are gradually developing our Spanish and we love the language!

2. Which local ingredients are Vegan Family TV looking forward to working with on Gran Canaria?

We love getting to try new foods and there are so many to choose from here! So far we are enjoying the batatas, gofio, and churros. Although our first attempt at deep frying churros didn’t come out exactly as intended in our medium heat oil (it was more of a sloppy mess!), so we’re opting for the oven-baked versions from now on. The batatas to us taste like the world’s most delicious potato and we can’t get enough of them. We slice them up into wedges and bake them with a little coconut oil, or boil and mash them with a little soya milk. Gofio‘s an entirely new flavour for us too as we generally tended to have porridge oats for breakfast, so this is a nice change.

3. How vegan friendly have you found the island so far?

It’s great for vegans here in Las Palmas! We have found many resturants with vegan options and even some dedicated vegan restaurants, such as the amazing Bioloco near Las Canteras beach on Calle Alfredo L Jones which has the best food we’ve ever eaten in our whole five years of being vegan so far! Even the traditional dish of papas arrugadas with mojo sauce which can be found in nearly all restaurants is vegan.

The supermarkets all have lots of choice for the meals we cook at home too and we are still able to enjoy all of our usual favourite dishes, along with experimenting with some new ones. We have learned from one mistake though, which is to always check if olives are stuffed with anchovies or not! After noticing our meal tasted decidedly fishy, we realised our error! Olives are rarely stuffed back in the UK, and if they are it is only with pepper or garlic.

We are so excited to be here and we hope to get to forge friendships and make the most of our time by experiencing all we can. If you would like to follow our adventures on the island, please subscribe to our YouTube channel where we share daily videos. Here’s the link.