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K1 Food & Lounge: casual dining in Meloneras

January 15, 2017
Take it in the Atlantaic at K1 Food & Lounge

The beauty of eating out on Gran Canaria is, well, eating out. Because of the island having arguably the world’s most agreeable climate, al fresco is an option available to you all year round. Which makes K1 Food & Lounge’s terrace an ideal eating-out venue.

K1 Food & Lounge’s location is perfect. Its seaside-promenade setting means that the owners used to make do without having their own Facebook page and still don’t have a website. Content in the knowledge that they can rely on walk-in trade to make up the covers.

Nevertheless, we’ll describe you how to reach K1 Food & Lounge. We’ll then give you some pointers about what you can expect to see on their drinks list and menu. Treat our three-part guide like a hors d’oeuvre, an appetizer to give you a taste of the eatery.

  1. K1 Food & Lounge: where it’s at
  2. K1 Food & Lounge: what to drink
  3. K1 Food & Lounge: what to eat

1. K1 Food & Lounge: where it’s at

Walking along the front from the Faro de Maspalomas in the direction of Meloneras beach and you’ll see K1 Food & Lounge on your right. It’s on the Paseo de Meloneras sandwiched by the shoreline and Calle Mar Mediterráneo hotels. So, easily reached if you’re staying in the southern resorts and also handy if you’re enjoying a day trip down south with the palm trees and parasols providing shade for those sitting outside and a roof and windows doing the same for those planting their rears inside.

K1 Food & Lounge’s oceanfront setting captures sun and travellers alike. But unlike other so-called tourist traps, the efficient service makes a repeat visit more likely. We were certainly impressed with maître d’/mixologist Alex and his legion of attentive waiting staff.

2. K1 Food & Lounge: what to drink

K1 Food & Lounge go big on cocktails and they get their very own menu. Flicking through the pages, Mr Gran Canaria Local was tempted by the Mojito Cubano Fresa (€7) but shunned the strawberry-rum combo for a sí, sí San Miguel (€3,50 for 0.4l). He later finished the meal with a carajillo (€1,80) and on-the-house shot of ron con miel (honey rum).

Other beverages include premium spirits such as Blat vodka (€10), the purest one in the world and produced here on the island; in Ingenio. The wine list includes national vintages such as Ramón Bilbao’s Rioja (€18,50) alongside Gran Canaria’s Plaza Perdida (€14,50). There’s Mateus Rose (€14,50), and white wines from Catalonia in the form of D.O. Penedés’ San Valentín and the Canary Islands in the guise of Lanzarote’s dry Bermejo Seco (€16,50) and La Palma’s fruity Nispero (€19,50).

3. K1 Food & Lounge: what to eat

The food menu starts with a list of “daytime cocktails” before progressing to the To Start With section. Mr GCL passed up on the opportunity of beginning with aceitunas from Antequera priced at €2,50 (wondering what was wrong with the olives from up the road in Temisas) and the more local offering of papas arrugadas con mojo (€4,95). Instead, he plumped for the €6,50 bastónes de berenjenas fritas con miel de soja and these delicately-coated and lightly-fried aubergine batons were succulent and all the better for being accompanied by honey, albeit of the soya variety, than the usual treacle.

Next up on the menu are the snacks/We Continue With items. These include the classic sandwich mixto (grilled cheese and ham sandwich) for €4,50 and a chicken, date, bacon, and curry-sauce wrap (€7,50). There are Hamburgers of the World. Here, the odd mistranslation from Spanish to English which had previously been amusing could potentially become misleading. As the Tikka Massala burger (€8,50) is described as coming with tikka-massala bread rather than chicken.

The more carnivorous amongst you will appreciate the For the Meat Lovers section which features a rib-eye steak for €14,50. And The Sea, meanwhile, offers fried squid served with a sweet chilli salsa and lime mayonnaise (€14,50). Mr Gran Canaria Local, however, rediscovered that spooning’s so much fun with a heavenly mushroom and truffle risotto (€9,50).

For The Little Ones provided the not-unusual option of chicken nuggets (€5,00) and the more irregular tacos de pescado with the same price tag. The pasta dishes are Marco-Polo adventurous such as a king-prawn, Mogán avocado, and courgette fettuccine with a saffron sauce (€9,50). Whilst the pizzas are more conventional like the vegetarian one, yours for €7,95.

When it came to dessert, Mr GCL was tempted by the return to childhood offered by the banana split (€5,00). In the end, he allowed Alex to continue to expertly lead him. And he wasn’t disappointed with a tirimisú (€3,50) an Italian mama would be proud to call her own.

Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local was a lunchtime guest of K1 Food & Lounge. As you can see from reading the above, this has not influenced our review. We are restaurant critics rather than soapbox champions. The restaurant is open daily from 10:00am to midnight and you can reserve a table by dialling +34 928 148 319.