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La Cocotte, a deli in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

January 14, 2014
La Cocotte exterior

La Cocotte, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s comfort food

When Mr GCL was babysitting in año uno on GC, he had enough time to get the family lunch ready. However, he liked to be on a beach rather than a kitchen. Meaning León y Castillo’s La Cocotte became his local takeaway, helping him feed his family without toiling over a hot stove.

Less bubble bubble, more food at the double

Young son and father would often nip in to La Cocotte after a do-nothing morning on the beach. Vitamin D, Gran Canaria’s bright light, was just what the doc ordered, after all. As were the delish meets nutrish dishes they took home with them.

Labels most wanted

Although it’s become a lot friendlier, when we first moved over to the island, 10 years ago, GC was not the veggie’s best buddy. La Cocotte, however, was a rare amigo. Mainly because it labelled its ingredients so clearly, letting us know whether a dish, for example, contained ham or tuna, foodstuffs other establishments liked to slip into the mix without telling you.

Sugar and spice, and all things nice

Another thing Gran Canaria Local loves about La Cocotte is its seasoning. Canarian food can be quite bland for palates raised in chicken-tikka-masala-loving Britain. But herbs and spices feature in the deli’s loving tributes to classics from home and away.

Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local pitched up for his brunch date with Mr La Cocotte. After setting up his camera and tripod to shoot the video below, he planned on snapping some photos. Until Sam, a keen photographer, showed him some mouthwatering images. Photographs he’s kindly allowed us to reproduce here.

Very much a hands-on presence at La Cocotte, along with wife Emma, Sam also does his bit in the kitchen. And after buying some baked pasta with a three-cheese sauce which the GCL family consumed in record time, we can confirm Cash and his team are doing a fine job.