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La Culata, Exploring Gran Canaria’s interior

January 11, 2018
La Culata football pitch

Celtic connections

This is La Culata’s football pitch. La Culata’s a hamlet in the heart of Gran Canaria where donkeys still tend the fields. Although it’s kilometres and kilometres from Galicia and even further from the Emerald Isle itself, there’s something Celtic about this part of the island.

La Culata football pitch

Three’s a crowd in La Culata’s Roque Nublo

Bar Roque Nublo, for example, doubles as the hamlet’s only shop. It’s here that we snacked on marinated olives accompanied by a Tropical, lager brewed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. As we watched local heroes UD Las Palmas score a late goal to triumph 2-1 away to Real Murcia. Along with the bar’s two other customers. No wonder the owners look to craftily increase their income with their sideline in groceries.

Boing boing Baggies

Out of shot, somebody had left a brand new Adidas ball for others to use at their leisure. It reminds us of the story we heard of how West Brom striker (and Tipperary native) Shane Long used to leave his door unlocked when he first moved to England. He soon learned not to. The owners of the Adidas football don’t have to worry. It’s a long way from Tipperary but the Irish and Canarians have more in common with each other than they do with their nearer neighbours.

Man on a mission

So, what brought Mr Gran Canaria Local to La Culata? In a word, well in a couple of them at any rate, a commission. He was reporting on New Experience Holidays’ self-guided hotel-to-hotel trek. For the Winter 2012 issue of Living Spain magazine.

Working that tan

The last time we’d visited the area had been on Mr GCL’s birthday. Celebrated at the nearby Parador de Cruz de Tejeda where we were able to sunbathe on our balcony. Along the route, we’re half-tempted to recreate my dozing-under-the-rays experience with a sneaky siesta. However, with the sun going down in La Culata we didn’t dare not making it back to our Tejeda base by nightfall and pressed on instead.