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La Garita

March 7, 2014
La Garita, Telde's Palm Beach

Springfield on Sea

Doh, Simpsons fans, Bart, Homer, and Krusty’s Springfield doesn’t really exist. Springfield’s one of the most common city names in America, and depicts creator Matt Groening’s “Anytown, USA”. Telde’s La Garita does exist, but it’s Averageville, Gran Canaria. Albeit Averageville, Gran Canaria with a beach the local female population go topless on in early March.

Ugly beautiful in La Garita

Like most architecture on GC, La Garita’s is functional. It’s there to do a job. For example, Bar El Timón was built in 1970, and it shows. Whilst it’s not much to look at, its terrace is a fine setting for Mr Gran Canaria Local to chat with fellow expat Juliet Henderson. Enjoying a view of the Atlantic as they sup on some hard-earned Tropical beer. Hey, we were working.

Mrs Henderson Presents

This was the first time Mr GCL’s visited, so he takes Juliet up on her offer of a tour. Like him, she’s someone who’s definitely gone native. When he returns, he’ll sample a taste of Italy at the ice-cream parlour, Heladería Bettini and Pizzeria El Buly. Juliet also points out the Tara motif on the promenade pavement which shows how important this eastern area was in pre-Spanish canarii times. And corrects Mr Gran Canaria Local when he wonders aloud why the swimmers in Jose Luis Marrero’s striking sculpture are nude. “Um, they’ve got bathing suits on,” she reveals. That Mr GCL and his very male mind.

B is for Bufadero

Mrs Henderson saves the best to last, however. The Bufadero de la Garita’s one of Gran Canaria’s most unusual water features. This blowhole has cavities which fill and empty at lightning speed, with the ocean water fairly snorted out. We wisely choose not to observe this natural phenomenon at too close quarters. Taking our cue from M.O.P to stand clear.