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La Guarida del Blues

August 2, 2015
Expect to hear harmonicas at La Guarida del Blues

Do you like a good night out? At Gran Canaria Local, we’re committed to covering the island’s nocturnal scene. And here we are with another venue review.

In a past life, Mr Gran Canaria Local used to write music reviews. He likes to think he’s got a good ear and will gladly talk to you about his CD (how quaint) collection until your bright-faced demeanour sags into a bleary-eyed one. These days, he tries to catch as much live music as an overworked father of three can feasibly manage.

Mr GCL’s been ticking off the main venues in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. One had eluded him for some time, however. So, he was delighted to be invited to La Guarida del Blues. Here are three random observations he made during his visit:

  1. Going down is good at La Guarida del Blues
  2. Black is the new black at La Guarida del Blues
  3. Frozen mojitos and popcorn are a great combo

1. Going down is good at La Guarida del Blues

In his London days, one of Mr Gran Canaria Local’s favourite bars was the Dive Bar attached to Gerrard Street’s Kings Head. This legendary Chinatown joint is sadly no longer with us. It’s probably become the bar of hell.

Mr Gran Canaria Local used to like descending its stairs with similarly decadently-minded friends. Whilst the La Guarida del Blues hasn’t got as many steps as the Dive Bar, the way down still feels like the start of an adventure into the seedy underworld. And further dissociates the bar from the neighbouring hotel.

La Guardia del Blues moved here in March 2015. Previously they’d been operating around the corner, on Las Canteras promenade. But their new, bigger premises have seen their live performances increase from one a week to four.

2. Black is the new black at La Guarida del Blues

The staff at La Guarida del Blues appear to be auditioning for a Spanish version of Sons of Anarchy. They’re garbed in classic rock black T-shirts and wear their tattoos like battle scars. Motörhead’s Lemmy would feel very much at home.

On the night Mr GCL visits La Guarida del Blues, Los Gumbo Blues Trio are in the proverbial house. Vocalist/drummer Alberto Guilas peppers his between-song chat to the crowd with lots of “baby”. To the extent, Mr Gran Canaria Local expects him to end numbers with an Elvis-style mumbled “thankyouverymuch”. And is a little bit put out when he doesn’t, especially as he’d previously seen Los Gumbo as a pared-down duo perform an epic version of Burning Love.

3. Frozen mojitos and popcorn are a great combo

When not taking photos, Mr GCL sits down to enjoy a set featuring covers from the likes of Chuck Berry. Sipping on a frozen mojito whilst pawing salted popcorn into his mouth. The mojito resembles an alcoholic Slush Puppie, so Mr Gran Canaria Local almost feels like he’s at the cinema.

On stage, Los Gumbo break into a jam that threatens to bridge weeks let alone days. This is one Las Palmas de Gran Canaria establishment that looks like it’s going to age disgracefully. Mr GCL feels like joining them in doing so.


Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local was treated to a complimentary cocktail at La Guarida del Blues. The popcorn’s free for everybody. If you would like a Gran Canaria Local review all about your business, feel free to drop us a line.