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Lago Taurito

April 18, 2014
Go up to go down at Lago Taurito

Make a splash at Lago Taurito

With our children, we favour a carrot-and-a-stick approach to education. When they get a good exam result, for example, they get a treat. When they get a bad one, they get a trick as in missing an important football game, whether it be playing or watching. But we were happy to feed them the carrot of a trip to Lago Taurito following some impressive end-of-term reports.

One direction

Lago Taurito used to be trickier to get to. Then, last year, the GC-1 was extended from Puerto Rico to Puerto de Mogán, with the aid of a series of tunnels. And so, instead of taking the twisting, turning old coast road between these two resorts, we stuck on the GC-1 all the way from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Meaning none of us got car sick on the way there or back.

Teenage kicks

Whilst Mr and Mrs Gran Canaria Local enjoyed a hard-earned siesta, our Dani (14), his mate Pedro (13), and brother Alex (10) roamed the water park at will. Lago Taurito seemed pretty full to us, but the sheer speed of the slides meant waiting times were kept to the absolute minimum. With the result that the boys could repeat their favourite slides time and time again.

Paradise park

Lago Taurito belongs to Paradise Hotels who have three hotels in Taurito, one of Gran Canaria’s more exclusive resorts. So, hotel guests get in free. For non-guests, the price’s 12,00€ for adults and 5,00€ for kids aged 3 to 11. The opening hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm and we were able to combine our trip with a post-park swim on Taurito beach. An alternative would be a pampering at Spa Krabí, one of the leading spas on the island.