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Four simple things to help you find the perfect Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hood

June 22, 2014
Party time in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's Arenales

For a moment, time stood still. Our Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hood, Arenales, is a busy barrio. But beauty casts a strong spell.

It’s the close harmonies of Grupo Musico Arenales that did it. Causing a standstill. With even kids struck dumb.

It’s the 3rd ARENALES Ni+Ni-. 5:00pm sees stalls including Pequeno Valiente‘s who’ve helped our Alex’s cancer fight. 7:00pm? Show time.

Arenales is a snug fit. It’s a perfect Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hood for us. Let’s find yours. Bear in mind:

  1. Location
  2. Price
  3. Vibe
  4. Facilities

1. A Las Palmas de Gran Canaria situation

We don’t drive. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s centre, Triana, is 10 mins walk from our Arenales home. And even less on one of the many yellow buses.

But what’s right for us might not be for you. Perhaps you want a more rural base? If so, San Lorenzo could be up your street.

Or live/stay near the beach in a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hood? Alcaravaneras or Canteras, the choice is yours. If the latter, head for Guanarteme, Puerto, or La Isleta.

2. Budgeting your Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hood

Though happy, if we won the lottery, we’d move to another Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hood. A Canteras flat, for example, brings a bling price tag. Nearby, you’ll find 4*+ hotels such as Hotel Reina Isabel, yet also bargain Big Fish Las Palmas Hostel.

Triana’s just as posh, but you’ll splash less of your holiday money with a Downtown House stay. Historic Vegueta recalls London’s Primrose Hill where it costs €500,000 per extra bedroom.

There are cheaper period properties in the  working-class San José. The quainter homes are above the highrises. You’re close to the GC-1, handy for the airport and southern resorts.

3. Ambience

Ciudad Jardín’s the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria garden city built by the British. It borders Arenales and Alcaravaneras, and we like its laidback style. There are substantial properties here but some have been left to fall into disrepair. Yet, it’s still one classy mother Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hood.

Although, neglect is not a concern at expat institutions such as the British Club and the Holy Trinity Church. Nor at charming Carolcocina. And let’s not forget fave sleepover of the Spanish royal family,  the Hotel Santa Catalina.

Elsewhere, we dig the cafe society of Vegueta. And whilst both Arenales and San José could be classed as inner-city areas, we’ve never felt uneasy walking their streets. Even late at night.

4. Amenities

A popular place to relocate to in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, especially for expats, is La Minilla. Located above the bustling Zona Comercial Mesa y López, it’s an oasis of calm. Plus it’s just around the corner from Hospital Dr. Negrin.

Another newish residential area’s Siete Palmas. Here, there are shopping centres with cinemas and fast-food joints. It’s also where the local football team UD Las Palmas play home games.

On the holiday front, it’s hard to look beyond a beachside break at Las Canteras in the likes of Hotel Cristina. Though, if you want to be in the centre, Hotel Parque‘s ideal. Similarly central, and perfect for a cheaper 48-hour stay, is Pension Perojo.

But it’s Arenales for us. We’re near most of the city’s best parks. And in the Centro de Salud Canalejas, we’ve one of the finest health centres on GC.

Disclaimer: We were non-paying guests at ARENALES Ni+Ni-. As it’s a free festival. The event takes its name from Spanish slang for a lazy youth.