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Las Tederas

November 19, 2013
Aula en la Naturaleza de Las Tederas

Las Tederas, escape to the country on GC

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Spain’s ninth-largest city. We live in the middle of it all, in Arenales. So when the chance to stay the night in Santa Lucía’s Aula de Naturaleza Las Tederas cropped up, we put on our best bumpkin gear.


Blue-sky thinking

There are 12 cabins at the Las Tederas complex, space for a group of 48. It’s a favourite for corporate travellers, with a conference hall on site. However, we were on a jolly of a non-work variety, as guests of Pequeño Valiente, the Gran Canaria charity helping the families of children affected by cancer.

Hike and ride

A 10-minute trek to the village of Santa Lucía de Tirajana below, where we saw as many cyclists as motorists, Las Tederas lies on the Cruz de Siglo Camino Rural. The Cross of the Century Rural Path houses a detour to the Cueva de la Luna (Moon Cave), along with one of Gran Canaria’s most iconic plants, Echium decasnei aka Tower of Jewels. It’s another flower from which Las Tederas takes its name, however. Tedera’s lilac flora used to feed local fauna. Which probably explains why the goat’s cheese from this area’s so delicious. We first sampled and then picked some up at the local market.

Wake up in the wild

Gran Canaria’s a relatively small isle. So the countryside’s never very far away. However, we enjoyed having it  on our doorstep. Opening the door of Cabin Number 10, no mod cons, and embracing the Caldera de Tirajana was a position we felt most privileged to be in. Especially as this accommodation’s only available to organized groups and schools. Fret ye not. There are some casas rurales in this area. Which we might well review in future. Watch this space.