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The revolution in the leasing sector

January 28, 2019
rental car gran canaria

Who would have imagined years ago that companies and freelancers could rent vehicles without having to tie themselves to long contracts with very flexible terms, choosing among a wide fleet of cars and having the car almost immediately? But times change.

Commercial renting, an innovative form of car rental for companies and freelancers, attracts powerful attention for the many advantages offered. One of them is that the customer can count with the newest cars on the market, something that is not viable if we choose the traditional purchase of a vehicle, something feasible with this kind of renting thanks to the continuous renewal of the fleet offered and the possibility of counting with the latest advances in comfort and safety.

Users value the complete personalization and versatility of the service, meaning that the client can freely modify the selected fleet. In this way, it is possible to change models and even increase or reduce the number of hired cars regardless of when these changes are made. Likewise, the customer has the possibility of modifying the duration of the contract, either to reduce it or to increase it, without any problem. Therefore, the multiple options to customize and adapt the vehicle according to their needs must be highlighted so that they are as satisfied as possible with the flexible renting service. If the user, for whatever reason, wants to end the rental contract before the date initially stipulated, there won’t be any penalty. A very positive point that has influenced greatly the continued growth of the sector, coupled with other aspects such as immediate availability.

In addition, customers don’t have to worry about processing and paying fines or making insurance payments or repairs, as well as vehicle maintenance. All of this is included in the one-time contract fee, which has a positive effect on the customer’s economy.

Probably the most important factor in flexible leasing is that the applicable tax deduction is important, as companies can direct the monetary sum originally earmarked for the purchase of vehicles to other, more urgent areas.

This is a type of car rental used by many professionals, such as workers that have a physical relationship with their customers. The advantage of having a replacement vehicle if the original suffers some unforeseen event is unbeatable, since productivity won’t be interrupted.

Having the service of the best van rental company in the Canary Islands, Xtravans, is undoubtedly synonymous with having at our disposal an unbeatable fleet of large cars, in which you can find small or maxi vans and medium or large vans, and so on. This type of car rental has joined other systems such as the sustainable carsharing of Lovesharing, an innovative and environmental project that offers the chance of renting electric cars in the Canary Islands in a flexible way, giving your company a commitment to the environment and ecology.

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