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Let me take you

December 24, 2013
A popular Let me take you dessert

Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee

It’s tripadvisor’s highest-rated restaurant in Tejeda. make it one of the top five restaurants to enjoy a festive meal on Gran Canaria. So why all the buzz about Let me take you? Gran Canaria Local headed to the centre of the island to find out.

Let me take you’s Nik the Greek

Our waiter for what turns out to be a leisurely lunch is co-owner Nikos who positively glides around the room. He explains that our table, and our table only, will be receiving a preview of the restaurant’s Christmas Day lunch, so we’re brought main courses of Chicken Satay, Chicken curry with mango, and mussels non-Brussels-style. Instead, they’re flavoured with a ginger-teriyaki combo.

Salad bar

Whilst we miss Reino Unido’s supermarkets, we can’t get enough of Gran Canaria’s greengrocers. The island’s a grow-anything kind of place and there’s a big emphasis on seasonal produce. So we enjoy the starter salads at Let me take you aka Déjate llevar, particularly the one which is topped with kaki, melted provolone and pesto. And it’s such a pleasure to lunch in such clean, serene, and, dare we add, stylish surroundings.

Green gods

Nikos runs Let me take you with business (and life) partner, the Las-Palmas-de-Gran-Canaria-born Fernando. Nikos explains that the Gay Pride flags which ordinarily adorn the plant pots at this veggie-friendly establishment’s entrance were torn by recent windy weather. He’ll later offer to prepare a fruit salad for Mr Gran Canaria Local’s vegan pa without the usual honey and yogurt. Now not many waiters on GC would know what a vegan was, let alone the fact that they don’t tend to eat honey.

Disclaimer: The Gran Canaria Local family travelled to Tejeda to meet up with relatives. We went Dutch with them. So, now you know.