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Life4sport Club, get fighting fit on GC

July 29, 2016
Life4sport Club outdoors

If Mr Gran Canaria Local didn’t have so much work on his plate, he’d like to find time for a serious workout. And he’d hardly have to travel far for this. Talk about a local gym.

For Life4sport Club is on the GCL family’s doorstep. Which explains why onetime Gran Canaria Local Junior Alex has enrolled for a summer of boxing. Mr GCL went to watch him train and these are three things he learned.

  1. Life4sport Club shows you how to box clever
  2. Life4sport Club allows you to put on your dancing shoes
  3. Life4sport Club can slow down the rhythm too

1. Life4sport Club shows you how to box clever

Alex signed up for a month of boxing. Ordinarily for five days of intensive morning training over the course of 90 minutes, it would cost 50 Euros. However, as Alex is still only 13, they reduce the price to €40.

The warm-up’s a high-energy one, led by licensed boxing trainer Miguel “Miki” Casado Rigoni. They then “break” for a game of ball in which the group is split into two and they have to try seize control of said ball from the opposing side. Before the gloves are donned and sparring commences.

2. Life4sport Club allows you to put on your dancing shoes

Boxing isn’t the only way to keep fit here. They also offer cross and personal training. But what caught Mr Gran Canaria Local’s eye were the Latin dance classes at 25€ a month for two days’ tuition a week.

3. Life4sport Club can slow down the rhythm too

If you want to lose weight, Miki and co-owner Dani Casado Rigoni  can create a tailored dietary plan especially for you. They also offer massages. Along with pilates and yoga with Maru Emanuela Martini; to help you discover your equilibrium and inner beauty.