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Moonlight Cinema

May 6, 2015
One of Moonlight Cinema's hostesses with the mostest

Google Moonlight Cinema and everybody’s favourite search engine will assume you’re looking for cinemas in Melbourne and Sydney before Gran Canaria. We’re not ones to knock and the Australian climate is indeed a mighty fine one. Yet allow us to gloat a tad in pointing out the only Moonlight Cinema open 365 is the Gran Canaria version.

Take one enigmatic/enterprising ex-journalist from London, an existing business model in Moonlight Cinema Sydney, and the south of Gran Canaria’s famously favourable weather. Based in the exclusive resort of Meloneras since spring 2012, the Moonlight Cinema allows you to see the stars of the big screen under the stars of the Milky Way. Housed on the first floor of the open-air Boulevard Oasis shopping centre, the Moonlight’s distinctive red carpet makes it an easy-enough find.

The owner of the Moonlight Cinema got in touch with us after reading Mr Gran Canaria Local’s top 10 Gran Canaria nightspots for Did Mr GCL and family want to come along as guests? In the end, it was a rare night out for Mr and Mrs Gran Canaria Local. Here’s what we enjoyed at what some might say is Europe’s, if not the world’s, only all-year-round open-air cinema. In no particular order.

  1. Snuggling up under the light of the moon
  2. The freshly-prepared food
  3. Moonlight Cinema’s waitress service

1. Snuggling up under the light of the moon

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where we live, the temperature doesn’t dip much from day to night. However, the south of the island reaches parts of the thermometer the capital never troubles. Making the difference between día y noche rather more marked.

So, Mr and Mrs GCL appreciated the duvet which they covered themselves with whilst reclining on their leather sofa. Talk about home comforts. And with plenty of space between sofas, it almost felt like our own private viewing of The Theory of Everything, transmitted, like every film shown at the Moonlight, in its original English-language version.


2. The freshly-prepared food

A cinema wouldn’t be a cinema without popcorn. Nor these days would it be one without nachos. We gave these two 5€ options a swerve, though, and plumped for a pizza each. The waitress explained that as they were made there and then, we could mix and match ingredients. There was a reassuring delay before they arrived which we put down to the fact they weren’t frozen. However, our server apologized, revealing that they were having problems firing up the wood-fired oven.

Pizzas are priced at 9 Euros. If we’d known the size before we ordered, we would have just asked for one. Indeed, Mrs GCL couldn’t finish hers. Although Mr GCL thinks her tucking into his vegetarian pizza, while she waited for hers to arrive, might have something to do with it.

3. Moonlight Cinema’s waitress service

It’s such a relaxing experience watching a film at the Moonlight Cinema. If Mr and Mrs GCL smoked, they would have happily lit up. Content in the knowledge that their smoke wouldn’t bother fellow cinema-goers.

As it is, they enjoyed the luxury of hitting the button whenever they wanted to be topped up on the drinks front. They also appreciated the complimentary chocolate bar. The young staff at the Moonlight Cinema certainly offered service with a smile.

Disclaimer: Mr and Mrs Gran Canaria Local visited Moonlight Cinema for free in exchange for a review. But with tickets for resident adults priced at 9€ (15€ for adult tourists) and 5€ for resident children (10€ for visiting kids), we’ll definitely return. Especially as if you’d like to stay for the second film after watching the first, you only have to pay an additional 5€.

Contact details: Avenida Cristóbal Colón 4, 35007, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 677 270 310. website.

Opening hours: Every day of the year. First film starts at 8:15pm or sunset and second one shows from 9:30pm or at end of first.