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Papi’s Grill: Playa del Inglés steakhouse

August 25, 2017
Papi's Grill Gran Canaria Local guide

Where can you find out about Gran Canaria restaurants? For your best culinary options, consult the site that’s visited more eateries on the island than any other Gran Canaria one: us. Our latest guide is all about Playa del Inglés’ Papi’s Grill for fayre reared on the turf served next to the surf.

We’ll start, following the trusted Gran Canaria Local recipe, by outlining how to get to Papi’s Grill and what vibe you can expect to find on arrival. Then we’ll share a flavour of their drinks list. Concluding with a summary of the Papi’s Grill menu.

1. Papi’s Grill: where it’s at

There’s shopping-centre Playa del Inglés and then there’s Playa del Inglés the beach. Or is there? For the promenade which runs along Gran Canaria’s most famous playa is the Centro Comercial Anexo II and just above that, on Calle La Duna, is Papi’s Grill enjoying an elevated position it seems to be replicating in terms of its reputation as, at the time of typing, TripAdvisor rates it #8 of 315 restaurants in PdI.

Papi’s Grill opened in May 2015 and pride themselves on their comida fresca. That’s fresh food which makes so much sense on Gran Canaria, an island that’s a great producer of fruits (of the sea as well) and vegetables. And an open kitchen meant we could see Jacob the chef prepping, amongst other things, garnishes and salads.

However, where’s there a rule; there’s an exception. And that came when the same chef strolled to a freezer and casually opened a packet of fries which he proceeded to pour into some sizzling oil. But then again who makes their own these days apart from fish and chip shops?

This open-door policy should be commended. Waiter Isidro was just as candid, inviting us to watch him carve and plate the half-kilo Chateaubriand (17,50) for a nearby table of two. There are no nooks and crannies at a restaurant accessorized with bonsai cacti and seashells in jars, and the ubiqitous staff were extremely visible as they dealt with a steady flow of visitors.

2. Papi’s Grill: what to drink

We kept things simple on the drinks front: ordering a glass of sangria (3,95€) which was fruity and punchy enough to kickstart a renaissance amongst the locals for a mixer that most Spaniards leave for the tourists to drink. Along with a Coca-Cola on the rocks (2,25€).

Other options we’d recommend would be Gran Canaria’s very own Tropical available on draught as a half for 1,90€, as a pint for 2,90€, and in a bottle for 2,70€. And a Gran Canaria holiday/relocation isn’t a Gran Canaria holiday/relocation without a glass of ron miel (2,70€). Yes, we strongly suggest you sample some honey rum.

3. Papi’s Grill: what to eat

You can enjoy an early start at Papi’s Grill with a breakfast between 9:00am and 12:00pm. All breakfasts are priced at 7,90€ and include a coffee, bottle of water, and OJ. Of the seven options, the standout choices for us are 4, 5, and 6: English Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, and Spanish Breakfast.

But our visit was a post-noon one although we’d love to return for one in which we can view the sun setting from our table overlooking the beach. We shared a Tapa Papi’s (8,50€), a stylishly simple miniature smörgåsbord of apple, cheese, serrano ham, olives, and watercress as a starter. Before going our separate ways from the main course onwards.

So one of us plumped for a juicy Tagliatelle con Verduras (9,50€) whilst the other ordered a Cordon Bleu (11,50€). Whilst the taste sensations were not dissimilar to the standards set by these classic dishes, the innovation came about through the innovative presentation. More comfort food came at dessert time following the arrival of a Crepe (4€) and a Papi’s Mojito with the cocktail beautifully reimagined as a sweet.

Disclaimer: In order to write this guide, Papi’s Grill offered us a complimentary meal. Booking is advised, especially for dinner. Papi’s Grill open every day of the week, from 9:00am to 11:00pm.

  • Papi's Grill view

    Papi’s Grill view

    Feast your eyes on the ocean blue with this Papi’s Grill view

  • Papi's Grill waiter

    Papi’s Grill waiter

    The master carver at work in Papi’s Grill

  • Papi's Grill tagliatelle

    Papi’s Grill tagliatelle

    Papi’s Grill is a veggie-friendly steakhouse

  • Papi's Grill dessert

    Papi’s Grill dessert

    Sweet like chocolate at Papi’s Grill