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Parque Juan Pablo II

September 9, 2014
Parque Juan Pablo II is as grand a park as its name suggests

As a family of five, we like to visit parks. Especially in school holidays where we reason that having the boys, including big boy Mr GCL, run around for a while will force them to get their head down earlier. It’s our tried-and-failed formula, even if we head to one of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s larger parks, Parque Juan Pablo II.

Except last time Mr Gran Canaria Local headed up to Parque Juan Pablo II, he was on a solo mission. To be shown around by local Siete Palmas resident, Sven von Scheidemann. The creative genius behind Adventure Gran Canaria.

He and Sven had been planning to meet up for some time. But both lead busy working lives. So, this was the first time they were able to agree on a time and date. The morning of Monday 8th September, 10:30am to be precise.

Although Mr GCL was running on Canarian time, as in late. He’d forgotten that Monday was a public holiday. Meaning there were fewer 91 (Teatro -Tamaraceite) buses running than on your average working day. Enough of the backstory, here are four things you should know about Parque Juan Pablo II.

  1. Parque Juan Pablo II, what’s in a name?
  2. You pay for the setting
  3. Parque Juan Pablo II works on different levels
  4. Parque Juan Pablo II’s the city’s largest green lung

1. Parque Juan Pablo II, what’s in a name?

Google Parque Juan Pablo II and the search engine will assume you want to find about the parks of the same name in Colombia’s Medellín or the Spanish mainland’s Madrid. And just who was the titular Juan Pablo II anyway? Why only Pope John Paul II, the second-longest serving papa in modern times.

2. You pay for the setting

Entrance to Parque Juan Pablo II is, of course, free. But there is a heavier price to pay if like Mr GCL and Sven, you choose to have a coffee at the park’s cafeteria. Where, unlike your average bar/cafe, you’ll pay over rather than under a Euro for your shot of caffeine. Something we’ve noticed in other parks such as Parque Doramas.

3. Parque Juan Pablo II works on different levels

Before Mr Gran Canaria Local met up with Sven, he hadn’t realized there was a upper park entrance as well as a lower one. This is the one Sven walks down to from his apartment with the too-thin walls, entering by the dog park. As opposed to the one Mr GCL raced through below, late for his date.

4. Parque Juan Pablo II’s the city’s largest green lung

There’s little doubt the Parque Juan Pablo II’s one of the city’s top 10 parks. And with its extensive foilage, it feels like a miniature Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo. Whilst we await the city’s plans to transform UD Las Palmas’ old stadium into a new park, Parque Juan Pablo offers a great getaway without actually leaving the city. And 120,000 square metres to explore, with children’s playground and sports facilities too.