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Pizzeria Caminito: artisan pizza in Las Palmas

January 20, 2017
Gran Canaria Local Junior at Pizzeria Caminito

What’s your favourite comfort food? One of ours is most definitely pizza. Which we love to eat at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Pizzeria Caminito.

First off, we’ll describe how you get to Pizzeria Caminito and then share some info on its history. Next we’ll outline the drinking options. Before ending with an overview of what there is eat here.

1. Pizzeria Caminito: where it’s at

Situated off the tourist map (but only just), you’ll find this pizzeria in the barrio of San José. It’s a mere 550 metres (seven minutes’ walk according to Google Maps) from Vegueta. We caught the number 12 yellow municipal bus to get there.

They’ve been offering pizza Argentinian style here since opening back in 2006. It takes its name from Buenos Aires’ colourful Caminito, the 100-metre-long outdoor art installation created in 1959 by local painter Benito Quinquela Martin who set out to recreate the original La Boca. This was an immigrant community populated by Italian (mainly Genoese) emigrés from 1880 onwards, which several theorists have speculated is also the birthplace of tango.

La Boca sounds like the Gran Canaria capital you’ll encounter on a Green Trip Canarias tour. A colourful community with abodes featuring exteriors decorated recycling the paint used on fishing boats. This pizzeria’s located in a close-knit neighbourhood and, like locale like locality, only has six tables with four providing space for four and two for two (you do the math); which resulted in some inevitable floor spillage from the GCL family and a lightning-quick mop from the attentive staff.

2. Pizzeria Caminito: what to drink

There’s a limited wine list available. Mr Gran Canaria Local however decided to order a bottle of Argentina’s national lager, the malty Quilmes (€1,90). The boys, meanwhile, supped on a very Canarian soft drink: strawberry-flavoured Clipper (€1,50 per 500ml).

3. Pizzeria Caminito: what to eat

Mr GCL shared some solid garlic bread (€1,50) and garlic bread with cheese (€2,00) to start off with. The empanadas which followed were more spectacular, especially the vegetarian humita (€1.70) filled with melt-in-the-mouth bechamel, cheese, corn, and onion. And then came the pizzas with the gang of four dividing up a more-subtle-than-strong Roquefort pizza (€6,90) and a classic ham-and-pineapple one (€7,40).

When we inevitably return here, we’d like to try their palm-heart pizza (€6,90). Along with their ensalada de buzios (beetroot, carrot, and hard-boiled egg salad) priced at €4,80. Although we’d definitely reorder the scrumptious polvito uruguayo (€3,60), a holy trinity of biscuit, caramel, and cream; although it’s trickier to negotiate from plate to mouth than it is from bowl to boca.

Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local and sons were treated to a free meal. They’re open from 12:30pm to 4:00pm Tuesday through to Sunday and 7:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Sunday (8:00pm to 12:00am Friday and Saturday). Closed on Mondays, they offer free home delivery for orders over €9.