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Puerto de Mogan

April 23, 2013
Playa de Mogan

The last resort

West of Puerto de Mogan, there isn’t another holiday spot. It’s the end of the line. A line which starts 35 minutes by car i.e 34km to the east; in one of Gran Canaria’s original resorts, San Agustin. One that has only existed since 1988, the date when Puerto de Mogan evolved from fishing village to plush marina.

Playa de Mogan
Mogan beach

Hail Cesar

Cesar Manrique was one of Lanzarote’s most famous artists, an architect who convinced island authorities to build no taller than two-stories high. His influence is palpable in Puerto de Mogan, which was actually designed by Malaga-born Rafael Neville, easily one of the island’s classier resorts. Where the only shocking thing is the pink bougainvillea, clambering over simple white-washed properties.

In the garlic on Puerto de Mogan

“Estar en el ajo” is a Spanish expression meaning you know the score. Its English translation, In the Garlic, is the title of a related guide penned by long-term expats Valerie Collins and Theresa O’Shea to teach the most clueless newbie how to wise up like a native. Puerto de Mogan was where I introduced my parents to eating raw garlic as I ordered tomates aliñados on a lunch out.

Recipe corner

This starter translates as seasoned tomatoes and is easy enough to replicate at home. Slice ripe tomatoes not too thinly nor too thickly either. Lay out on a plate and cover with chopped garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and plenty of sea salt. Some eateries like to add basil or cumin too, but I find if you do that, you end up with over-seasoned tommies.

Night swimming

I was in Puerto de Mogan recently as I headed back to my temporary base of La Aldea from Puerto Rico as late afternoon merged into evening. It was during balmy Semana Santa and, as you can see, the resort’s chic/petite beach was proving a popular way to beat the heat. As we edge closer towards summer, temperatures have hit the 40s. Making the surf an even more attractive watery cooler, even when the sun starts to go down.