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September 5, 2012
Quintanilla Beach

The great escape

So, there we all were. Familia Gran Canaria Local. Making our getaway from Las Palmas and heading for a deserved late summer break with Mr GCL’s in-laws in La Aldea de San Nicolás. Plastic bags at the ready in case of car sickness. Until we got waylaid in the north coast’s Quintanilla, our attention grabbed  by the unlikeliest of diversions.

Quintanilla Beach

Piggy in the middle

Quintanilla’s small. Blink and you’ll miss it small. Which explains its relative unpopularity, compared to more famous neighbours Bañaderos and San Andres. You’ll reach Quintanilla not long after the Bañaderos roundabout on the GC-2 and San Andres not long after bypassing Quintanilla.

Hello Aloe

Aloe vera‘s native to Gran Canaria and Quintanilla would appear to be an outdoor nursery of this wonder herb, such are the number of plants here. Aloe vera’s used to treat so many conditions, it’s impossible to list them. But the main one is its use as a skin moisturizer.

Quintanilla becomes a swan

So it won’t come as much surprise to you to discover that we normally pass by Quintanilla’s plain beach without any recourse to eyelid-batting. Except we were now seeing Quintanilla in a new-found glory. From being a wisp of a playa, it had become a mini Canteras with sand of golden brown aplenty.


With the sunshine from the north west bathing the beach in majestic night-defying light, we were almost tempted into a sneaky swim. Until remembering we were already running late for a family cena. However, next time Quintanilla looks so gorgeously drop-dead we might not be able to resist its  charms. Will you?