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Real Club Victoria: a Gran Canaria football club

September 17, 2016
Real Club Victoria post match

Have you relocated to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with family? Did your children play football where you used to live? If you’re looking for a club in the capital for your kids, Real Club Victoria get the Gran Canaria Local seal of approval.

The first step to relocating to Gran Canaria as a family is finding somewhere to live. Then you need to secure a school place for your children. And last but (IOHO) by no means least, you might well want to choose a football club for your kids; which is where Real Club Victoria come in.

  1. Real Club Victoria: and if you know your history
  2. Real Club Victoria: the club
  3. Real Club Victoria: the families

1. Real Club Victoria: and if you know your history

Real Club Victoria are one of the oldest and most prestigious football clubs on the island. Indeed, they were one of the five clubs who united to form Unión Deportiva Las Palmas back in 1949. Along with Club Deportivo Gran Canaria, Atlético Club de Fútbol, Arenas Club, and Marino Fútbol Club; although why they continue to exist as an independent entity is yet another thing that confounds us about Spanish football.

2. Real Club Victoria: the club

It wasn’t Real Club Victoria’s prestige that was the biggest draw though when we decided on them as the new club for Gran Canaria Local junior. Mr GCL principally was looking for a club which was easy to get to for training after picking up Tommy from school. With RC Victoria using La Isleta’s Jardin de Infancia aka La Piscina for training, they proved ideal as it’s a short bus ride and brief walk away.

So Mr Gran Canaria Local duly emailed the club and received a prompt reply from then club coordinator Daniel Delgado. Tommy was invited to a training session to see if the club and him were a match. They were and the GCL family budget received the minimum of dents with a monthly outlay of 15€ for two weekly one-hour training periods.

Currently in their pre-season, as younger teams start later than older ones on the island given the lower number of fixtures, training has increased for the time being to four times a week. As well as the two sessions at the club’s La Piscina base, the nearby beach of Las Canteras is the venue for the other half of the routine. And it’s a serious workout as Mr GCL found out after joining in, appreciating the refreshing post-training dip as much if not more than the team of six year olds.

3. Real Club Victoria: the families

Real Club Victoria is one big, happy family. We meet up for barbecues and players invite teammates to birthday parties. The two coaches, Borja who plays the role of good cop to Yeray’s bad one, are both fathers of the boys in the team: tricky winger Borja and goalkeeper Eric.