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Restaurante Mirador La Cilla, Artenara

September 15, 2013
You'll never forget your meal at the Restaurante Mirador La Silla

In a dark place

Artenara, as you will have learned from Gran Canaria’s last post, is Cave Central. This small municipality houses nearly a fifth of the island’s 2,000+ cave houses. Up above Artenara’s tourist information office, itself a network of caves, you’ll find Restaurante Mirador La Cilla. Enter and you’ll be plunged into a 60-metre blackout. Don’t be scared.

Shine on

Emerging, blinking, from the tunnel, you’ll reach a sun terrace. And with this sun terrace, the Restaurante Mirador La Cilla boasts the best views of any restaurant in the world™. Artenara, of course, being the highest village on Gran Canaria offers vistas other lowlier settlements just can’t come close to matching.

Family matters at the Restaurante Mirador La Cilla

The last time we were at the Restaurante Mirador La Cilla, it was in the company of Gran Canaria’s resident hiking expert, Rambling Roger. Prior to the return with our family, we’d bored them stoopid with how out of this world the views were. They stopped yawning long enough to tell us they didn’t believe us. They do now and have started bending the ears of their friends in much the same way as we twisted their lugholes.

And the food?

They could have served us ready-made stuff they’d bought at Mercadona, Spain’s leading budget supermarket, and we’d still remember the meal. But thankfully the kitchen at the Restaurante Mirador La Cilla attains to the heights of its Artenara location, with dishes using locally-sourced ingredients. Our fave was a starter, the watercress, goats’ cheese, red onion, and red pepper salad. Watercress is a staple on the island, turning up in potaje de berros, a hearty stew, or sandwich de berros, a light, yet piquant, erm, sandwich. We enjoyed the way its peppery, as in the spice rather than the vegetable, taste combined with the salty cheese and sweet red onion. So, you’ll send compliments to the chef as well as applaud the Creator on the outstanding natural beauty of the setting.