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ROES Moda Hombre

October 26, 2014
The sports casual section at ROES Moda Hombre

There was a time and, indeed, a place when Mr Gran Canaria Local was quite the dedicated follower of fashion. That time and place was pre-millennial London. When he used to regularly hit Zee and Co for an instant wardrobe update.

Now that period of his life feels like ancient history to Mr GCL. He thought, as the father of three boys, his fixed-up, looking-sharp days were long gone. Until he was invited to a makeover by Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hipster hangout, ROES Moda Hombre.

Ordinarily, ROES Moda Hombre‘s the type of shop Mr Gran Canaria Local will peer longingly through the window at rather than entering. Because it reminds him of a previous life. Rather than his current lot.

But today he has an appointment. Michel Escobar has opened up the shop early to give Mr GCL some advice on the clothing front. Here are three things he learns.

  1. Blue’s not always the colour
  2. There are more looks than just sports casual
  3. Santa needs to visit ROES Moda Hombre

1. Blue’s not always the colour

Mr Gran Canaria Local went along to his ROES Moda Hombre rendezvous in his everyday workwear. Surprisingly, it gets a sartorial thumbs-up from Michel. “This gives me an idea on what to work on,” he remarks. “Yes, we can definitely develop this theme.”

But then Señor Escobar gives a second, more quizzical look at Mr GCL’s get-up. “It’s very blue,” he comments. At this point, Mr GCL wonders if he shouldn’t let his love of Chelsea Football Club colour every clothing purchase.


2. There are more looks than just sports casual

If former Spurs manager Tim Sherwood ever makes an LPA Visit, he’d be advised to drop in at ROES Moda Hombre. Given the number of gilets on display. Although this menswear store actually opened in 1957 and used to specialize in formal wear.

Now it sells T-shirts, jeans, suits, and scarves. The latter are definitely fashion items. With an average daily temperature of above 20 degrees centigrade day and night, you don’t ever really need to worry about keeping your neck warm in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

3. Santa needs to visit ROES Moda Hombre

Mr Gran Canaria Local now knows what to ask Father Christmas for. Namely, a Ben Sherman mini-grid shirt, a pair of Wrangler slim chinos, and Martinelli Portsmouth boots. And, yes Santa, he’s been a good boy this year.

Disclaimer: We were treated to a complimentary makeover by ROES Moda Hombre in exchange for a review. Mr Gran Canaria Local was not given any free clothing. What he tried on he had to reluctantly return.