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Roque Nublo: Hiking to Clouded Rock

February 19, 2018
Roque Nublo aka Clouded Rock, Gran Canaria

Rock of ages

Welcome to picture-postcard Gran Canaria. Before your very eyes, you see the emblematic Roque Nublo (Clouded Rock) which accompanies many a wish-your-were-here-style message. Except this is the arse-end view of said rock. But, as posteriors go, they don’t get much comelier, no?

Roque Nublo aka Clouded Rock, Gran Canaria

Reach out and touch Roque Nublo

I had to wait a while for a clear shot of the rear of this stunning monolith. People were going up and planting their great big dirty mitts on it. There were, however, thankfully no lip action involved as in the traditional greeting visitors give Ireland’s legendary Blarney Stone.

Dizzy rascal

My hands did not sully Roque Nublo, though. For I’d just been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, not to be confused with Ménétrier’s disease – as pointed out by the good people at Wikipedia. So, vertigo was kicking in – to the extent that I’d started stumbling around as I’d be going heavy on the local rum.

Man on a mission

I was also under strict instructions not to dawdle. Following New Experience Holiday’s self-guided walking holiday notes, I had to make San Bartolome de Tirajana, still some good way south, by nightfall. You’ll be able to read a fuller account of my adventures in the forthcoming winter edition of Living Spain magazine.

One-way traffic

You can get to Roque Nublo as I did (trekking from Tejeda and entering from the Degollado del Asserador). The alternative (and easier/more popular as could be seen from the number of people I passed walking in the opposite direction to me) is to leave your car at La Goleta car park and ascend from there.

Up close and personal

Whichever way you take; you’re guaranteed a walk with a view – with the opportunity of looping round the edifice, in order to enjoy a full-frontal exposure too. So don’t only pick up a postcard of Roque Nublo in the souvenir shop. Go and see it for yourself.