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San Andres

December 12, 2012
Iglesia de San Andres, Gran Canaria

The west way

The GC-2 is my escape route. Offering a way out from Las Palmas, a city, that despite eight years of living there, I haven’t managed to feel at home in yet. Which explains this morning’s getaway to San Andres. On Global’s trusty 105 bus.

Iglesia de San Andres, Gran Canaria
San Andres’ Parish Church, Gran Canaria

Northern exposure

San Andres is part of Gran Canaria’s warts-and-all north coast. A rugged mess of a place, it’s a world away from the more manicured beaches of the southern resorts. Which, for me, only serves to heighten its appeal. To the extent that whilst it might not be in my top ten favourite Canarian beaches, it’s definitely in my top 20.

San Andres: Summer loving

Most people whizz through San Andres on their way to more popular destinations such as Agaete and Galdár. Not so our friends José and Reyes, founder members of the Pequeño Valiente charity of which my wife is the president. José, who has family in the area, resides further south on the island with Reyes and their daughter Julia. However, when summer arrives and the northerners head south for their holidays, José and family make the journey in the opposite direction.

Surf’s up

I’ve seen families on San Andres’ beach. Hell, I’ve been a family member with my brood here. Today, though, the only beachgoers are surfers. I spot one warming up and am tempted to take my first random portrait photo. But I bottle my shot at the last moment and so you’ve got one of the local parish church instead.

Roll out the bunting

The bunting you see is from the celebrations for the village’s patron saint, St Andrew, back on the 30th November. It must have been some fiesta as they still appear to be tidying up. José has promised to accompany me the next time I visit San Andrés. He wants to take me on a bar crawl of here and neighbouring El Altillo. Yes way, José.