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Four easy ways to have an amazing summer holiday on Gran Canaria

July 5, 2014
The port at La Aldea de San Nicolás

Ah, the offer of a guest post. It’s an occupational hazard we all face as bloggers. With mainly unscrupulous firms looking to provide affiliate links to the likes of gaming sites.

It’s been easy enough to say no to the emails so far. Then came one from a certain UK-based blogger, Amelia Verona. At first we were sceptical, keen to feature somebody with local connections. Then we read Amelia’s post and loved her summer holiday angle. So, here it is, in full:

We all need a summer holiday. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by work, kids, relationships or maybe just life. Sometimes you just need a break, and when you do, why not consider taking one on Gran Canaria? It’s paradise on earth. Here’s how to guarantee a summer holiday you won’t forget in a hurry.

  1. Go diving
  2. Hit the beach
  3. Visit the island’s landmarks
  4. Explore Gran Canaria’s parklife

1. Go diving

Amadores – An artificial break was built here to stop the beach from receding. It’s now become home to the area’s marine life. And the beginner divers amongst you will be pleased to hear the depth here is about 14 metres.

The Cathedral – For more experienced divers, this 42-metre dive off Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s La Isleta will appeal. Arches on the ocean floor meet to create a cathedral-like structure that reflects the sunlight in a beautiful way. Explore the many caves nearby.

Mogán Caves – Speaking of caves, natural sunlight bathes the main chamber of these south-westerly rock features. You’ll want to take up residence here for the duration of your summer holiday. Like the long-term dwellers underneath the waves.


2. Hit the beach

Las Canteras – This is the most popular beach on Gran Canaria. A playa that stretches to nearly three kilometres long, there is always something to do here. Go offshore to find La Barra, a barrier reef made of coral sandstone, or stay on shore and enjoy the many restaurants and bars lining the promenade.

Maspalomas – Clothing not your thing? Head to Maspalomas. This popular resort beach has a naturist section for the freer spirited among us, those prepared to brave all on a summer holiday.

Pozo Izquierdo  – If you’re into your watersports, then try Pozo Izquierdo beach. This playa is considered to be the European windsurfing capital.

3. Visit the island’s landmarks

Roque Nublo -Trekking to within touching distance of this rock formation will give you a breathtaking view of almost the whole island. Well worth the 30 minute hike from the car park. And a great family picnic venue, ensuring a summer holiday to remember.

Jardin Canario – This is a garden that has been cultivated on the edge of a ravine. You can find samples of all the vegetation that grows on Gran Canaria. Be sure to bring walking shoes because there’s a lot to see.

4. Explore Gran Canaria’s parklife

Cocodrilo Park – This park in Agüimes is a rescue reserve for crocodiles, chimps, tigers and many others. All profits are pumped back into the care of these animals. Make a difference this summer holiday.

Parque Doramas – This Las Palmas de Gran Canaria park has a large koi pond, beautiful water features, and a number of benches to stop and take it all in. A visit after dusk will show you just how great the fountains can look under night light.

Palmitos Park – Palmitos Park is a zoo and botanic park in Maspalomas on the south side of Gran Canaria. Here you can see exotic birds, tropical fish, dolphins, birds of prey, and much more. They also have a forest with an exciting array of flora and fauna.

Amelia Verona is an avid writer and blogger. She lives in Cambridge, England. Her areas of interest are travel, fashion, food, blogging, books, film, lifestyle and fitness. Presently, she is creating awareness on Turkish Visas which ensures a hassle-free visit to Turkey.