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Tejeda Circular Walk

March 10, 2018
Cuevas Caidas Signpost

PNHRCQKJUSAR Rural retreat

Las Palmas kills me. So I relish the chance to escape from its living hell as much as possible. Currently holed up in a lovely little hotel in Tejeda going by the name of Hotel Rural Fonda de la Tea, I’m resting my poor feet following an exerting workout. Where’s a pedicurist when you need one? Sod it, the complimentary bottle of red wine will have to suffice as an anaesthetic.

Cuevas Caidas Signpost

Width of a (Tejeda) circle

This photo was taken about half an hour into my fivehour trek. And it was only the second bit of tarmac I’d set foot upon. Most of the Tejeda Circular Walk, organized by the lovely people at New Experience Holidays (Paul etc. you know who you are) involved negotiating caminos reales, royal pathways. These were developed after the Spanish conquest to help a farmer get his products to market. Accordingly, they were made wide enough to accommodate a donkey and cart.

Donkey work

The hike took in Cruz de Tejeda, home of the fantastic parador and also Asador Grill Yolanda where I enjoyed a restorative queso frito con salsa de higos, fried cheese with a fig sauce, before heading to the hamlet of La Culata where donkeys still tend the fields. I enjoyed another break in La Culata. At the Bar Roque Nublo which doubles as a grocery store. Thirsty work, this hiking lark, so the caña (half-pint of the local brew, Tropical) I enjoyed whilst watching UD Las Palmas went down well.

Living Spain

Off to Tunte tomorrow. Have a feeling that my journey there’s going to produce another random photo of Gran Canaria. You’ll be the first to know if it does. The full article of my exploits will appear in the winter issue of Living Spain magazine. You read it here first. Hasta luego, Tejeda. I’ll definitely be seeing you again.